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Wal Mart Thomasville Rd Tallahassee Florida / Prejudice against whites!

1 Thomasville Road OutletTallahassee, FL, United States Review updated:

I love WalMart. It is a 1-Stop Shopping experience with great values, good quality and "normally" good customer service in most retail locations that I have visited... and I have visited many dozens in various states throughout the Eastern Seaboard of America. However, the WalMart outlet located at Thomasville Road in Tallahassee Florida has GOT to be the WORST WalMart, and possibly the worst Retail Outlet of ANY store of ANY kind, in America! This ongoing problem of terribly poor customer service and outright hostility towards non-Black customers has been going on for YEARS... I have repeatedly brought this to the attention of management and they do NOTHING! I am convinced that they secretly encourage this behavior or it would not continue as it has for YEARS!

Let me tell you, I am a white male, retired Navy Chief and my wife is from Panama and is mixed race (part Panamanian Indian, part Spanish, part African heritage - meztizo or mixed) and she has experienced the same, as she appears to be a light skinned black woman or even Middle Eastern (Indian or Pakistani). But in fact she is from Panama. For years now, we have both experienced HORRIBLY hostile and prejudiced looks, words, and attitudes from this particular WalMart location, most particularly amongst black females that work in the check-outs. They are exclusively young (under 25 years of age) and have a horribly hostile attitude towards non-Black customers.

Example: This has happened repeatedly - A black couple or black person (male or female) will proceed my wife and I in the line. The check-out clerk (young black female) greets them nicely, talks to them nicely, checks them out... very professional and courteous. But then... as soon as they just even LOOK at me (a white male) the attitude IMMEDIATELY changes. You actually see their facial expression change from "friendly" to tight and hostile. You can see their eyes squint. Their voices change, the tonality becomes very rigid, they don't make eye contact, they do not talk, greet or act friendly, they don't say anything in fact, only robotically do their actions to get us out of their faces. Then, behind us, another black couple checks out and immediately, the checkout clerk becomes nice and friendly AGAIN. I can only conclude that THEY ARE PREJUDICED against us because I am a white male married to a mixed race woman because I never see them act this way towards people of their own BLACK race!

There are numerous examples of this that has happened to me and my wife here in Tallahassee over the years, but the crew at this particular WalMart is notorious. And, by the way, these clerks come and go but are replaced by MORE young, black females who are JUST AS PREJUDICED TOWARDS WHITES as the ones they replaced. I can only assume that after X number of complaints, the manager is FORCED to get rid of them but then, they hire more of the same!!!

Now, don't read me wrong. There are several VERY NICE black folks who work at this particular WalMart on Thomasville Rd in Tallahassee Florida who are an absolute JOY to be around. They are nice, they are friendly and I am happy to have them check me out... and I always greet them nicely w/ a friendly smile. But these others... there MUST be a better way for the manager of this particular WalMart to find nice, decent, respectful young people (or old people I don't care) who will treat me w/ respect and not as though I were George Wallace. Just because I am a white male does not entitle them to treat me with total and complete disrespect.

And of course, when I complain to the manager they (AND THEIR FRIENDS WHO ARE IN ON THIS TOGETHER AS A TEAM) always play the same game: They always, ALWAYS become suddenly OVERLY nice in front of their managers. You know: Have a NIIICE DAAAY, SIIIR!!! ... to make up for their previous sorry behavior. You know the game and I certainly do, after having been subjected to this crap repeatedly at this store for years!

It is another strange "coincidence" that there are VERY FEW WHITES who work at this particular store and even fewer WHITE MALES. The very few whites who do work here are FEMALES... very, very few white males work at this store. Why? Perhaps the BLACK MALE MANAGER just doesn't like WHITEY!!! Don't laugh... black prejudice exists and I have experienced it first hand.

Because I have to live and work in Tallahassee and I know what will happen to me if anyone finds out who I am complaining like this about blacks being prejudiced, I am forced to file this anonymously. But if anyone wants to communicate, email and I will fill you in on the FACTS!

Yes, there are other WalMarts and other stores I can shop at but my point is this: I don't think that one should have to go to another store to get fair and respectful treatment in America just because you are of a particular color or race! Plus, this is MY neighborhood WalMart and I don't WANT to got elsewhere. I simply want to be treated respectfully as a customer, that is all.

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  • Jo
      17th of May, 2008
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    How old are you? You sound as immature as a teenager. Some people are racist some aren't. Find comfort in the blacks and whites that aren't and stop looking for the black/white thing. What happened to your life experience? You sound like a self-centered old man that doesn't have a lot of friends and too much spare time.

  • Ka
      8th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    The service at the Thomasville Road Walmart in Tallahassee Florida is horrible.

    I was trying to get food from the food service department. Three woman just stood there looking at me and one of the ladies just rolled her eyes in exasperation at the audacity of me needing help. No one offered to take my order as if they were waiting for the other to serve me.

    I do not shop at Wal mart if I can help it. Aren't the stores supposed to equal numbers of blacks and whites?

  • Tr
      2nd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wake up America...Wal Mart will be the ruin of this Country.
    When all of the smaller stores are gone...Then You will see Higher prices..

  • Ka
      14th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I feel like I have been a victom of the same type of ignorance, I was told by a new black employee to [censored] off in a professinal atmosphere he would not stop yelling at me I telephoned 911 for help the recording of his voice yelling should be on that phone call, better yet my new black director had me leave the facility instead of him.If only I could find a good lawyer.

  • Fe
      1st of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Try El Paso TX Walmarts you need to speak Spanish in the most part. We live in the United States not United Nations.

  • Ja
      21st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've experienced horrible customer service at that same location. The assistant manager seemed to take an instant dislike to me and did her best to be unfriendly and unhelpful. I won't chalk it up to racism, but whatever the reason, no one wants to shop at a store and be made to feel unwelcome.

  • Tr
      12th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    You are obvious lying about the situation. I don not work at wal-mart but, i shop at walmart and I can honestly say they are not racist or prejudice. There goes the sterotype blah blah blah black women with attitudes. I am a black women and I have experienced discrimination and racist behavior from white people all over tallahassee but, if your wife is light skinned why would they be prejudice against her if she looks simliar to us? Your story is not adding up. So your problem is you think they have a problem with her dating a white guy basically that's what you are saying. That's the same behavior I get from white guys and white girls when i'm by myself and not with my betterhalf. So get to get tot he point your trying to portray us black women in tallahassee as prejudice correct? Wow that's why your afraid to show or make yourself known? Fear no one because when I make a complaint on a white person they know who Iam and mot of them fear me and do their job afterwards. If you want to earn my money act right and be respectful straight up. I personally don't have a problem with that KIND of relationship because I used to date a white guy and we didn't receive that kind of response from no one of the black race. I can agree and say that when you report anyone in tallahassee the manager and employees stick together and nothing get's accomplished. I thought I was the only person who noticed that. Not that I can't agree on that because it has happend to me many times with white people or black boys who want to be white but, not with black women. now that is crazy but, it might be true because alot of black guys (oreo's) in tallahassee florida love to hire white girls before any other race or gender. I guess that's to get close to them. Whitey? What a choice of a word. So I guess we can relate because I delt with things like that from white people both male and female. I can suggest you do like I have done and find another store to shop at. Reality is people in tallahassee are racist, confused, and or rude and like you said when you report them they stick together. I never thought that a white person would be experiencing the same thing especially not a white guy. I feel sorry for the fact that another person experienced what I experience 90% of the places I spend my money at in tallahassee but, then again I don't because of how you are portraying black women. People who do not live here might get the impression that all black women from or who now reside in tallahassee florida act that way. I'm not from here and i can say all i'll remember when I move is racist people, discrimination and greedy companies etc. Nothing nice.

    Kathy: Be for real you are just adding on to the stereotypes as the guy who made the complaint. You mean like most of these companies up here in tallahassee florida do not have an equal amount of blacks as they do whites? I have a high diploma, college degree, good reference's from previous employees who can vouch that I'm the best employee who's dedicated and takes pride in her work, quite, I have a clean background, clean driving record, stay to myself, have a trade diploma, and guess what i can't get a job in tallahassee from not one white person. So with all that going on for myself you tell me who's really doing wrong with the companies and the selection of employees they hire. Kathy you know that if it was you there as a manager you wouldn't go by the book like that. I never met a white person who ran a company the right way and fairly.

    kathy Z: Black people say [censored] off? that's how white people talk. That sounds like a first. But see you didn't even state what you did or said to make him respond that way "IF" he actually said that. Why not go to the security or directly to the manager why dial that number? You are not telling everything. If you left the facility maybe you started it or they just don't like "YOU". How come you didn't write what fueled the words? You are making it seem like that guy just walked up to you and went crazy. Not cool. Not cool at all.

    Fedup: Damn now that's not right. I hate how most places expect you to speak their language in our country. I know you guys call them out their name alot.

    I would suggest you guys spend your money in other places other than tallahassee florida.

  • Jo
      29th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    I worked at that location for 2 and a half months from a little before Halloween to a little before Christmas. I am a White Male, they don't hire very many white males because very few apply to that location, it's the more ghetto WalMart as for as the employees go. They did treat me in an unacceptable manner, I don't think it was because I'm white, but because I'm hard working and cared about my job. They honestly discourage that kind of behavior, the less you care about your job there the less work they give you and pass the work to someone who cares and expects them to get everything done. Also, the 3 store managers don't pay attention to the different areas off the store until about an hour before they leave and tell you everything your department has to get done before they leave. The big problem is the manager Scott bought this WalMart and rents the rights to use Walmart's name and generic products monthly. So two of the three managers have never been lower than either being the owner, or being the owner's asst. manager. They don't understand how the lower levels of the store operate because they've never been in that low a position.

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