Wal Mart Scam / selling factory defect Omron products

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We purchased a new $65 blood pressure monitor at Wal Mart. It didn't work right out of the box, so we returned to Wal mart and was informed they could not replace or refund on it, that it had to be sent to the company by us. I called the company Omron and they made arrangement to repair it if I mailed it back AT MY EXPENSE and also ENCLOSED A CHECK FOR THE RETURN POSTAGE, a cost of about $15. I tried to argue with them as it was a factory DEFECT and it should not cost me anything to get it repaired. Wal Mart should have taken it back and returned it to this company that has been made aware by the FDA that some of it's products are not in compliance.<br /><br />
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I request that this company be made to assume full expenses on defective products and that Wal Mart be authorized to refund or replace any new out of the box factory defects from Omron. How many thousands of consumers have bought useless products from Omron and thrown them away rather than invest another $15 and take a chance that this company has the knowledge or willingness to repair it.<br />
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Wal Mart violated consumer laws by refusing this factory defect. They should pay the fees for shipping back to Omron. Nice scam these two have going...

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