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Wal - Mart Natchez / Bad service

1 Vidalia, LA, United States

I'm not sure how many registers there are but I know that there are 15 or more and tonight at 7:20 p.m. when we went to check out NO ONE was at ANY of these registers! There were only 2 Self-Checkouts open and each of these lines had 5 or more people waiting to check themselves out since there were absolutely NO CASHIERS to be found!

We went to the garden center to check out and there were 3 employees standing around talking, NOT about work! Two of these employees I know had been leaning against the shelves at least 30 to 40 minutes DOING NOTHING!!! I know this because as I shopped I noticed that there were a number of employees just standing around DOING NOTHING!!!

I needed to have someone get a fish from the tank for me and I actually waited for 18 minutes before before I chased someone down again to get some help. Also, I was in

WAL-MART earlier today, in the fabric department and just as I went to ask about material one clerk said to another "I'm going on break" and she left so that left me standing there once again WAITING for help from a WAL-MART employee!

DO WAL-MART EMPLOYEES ever really WORK? If they do I haven't seen much of it in this store. I'm thinking of getting a job at WAL-MART just to go and get paid to stand around and DO NOTHING!!!

Someone should do something about this! It does not matter that you have good merchandise if your CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE!!

This does not help your company at all!


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