Waggin Train / Death of dog

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States

On Wednesday, 2/29/12 I opened a new bag of Waggin Train Chicken jerky tenders. As I did every morning, I gave 1 to each of my 4 dogs. The next day 2 of the dogs weren't eating well and one kept trembling off and on. Friday, I woke to 2 of my dogs vomiting. 1 stopped midday. The other, BJ a 2 yr old Lhasa mix, continued to drink large amounts of water, then vomit. I made arrangements to take him to the vet in the AM. he was very sick in the morning, still vomiting. The vet took blood and gave meds to stop vomiting but had excessive drooling. In the morning he could not walk but a few steps. Within an hour he could not walk to the car so when the vet called I had to carry him. He was 35 lbs. He was critical. His kidneys, liver, pancreas were shutting down. I was told to expect a bad outcome. Before the IV could be started his heart stopped. CPR didn't help. he was gone on 3/3/12. I have heard this story from so many on our Facbook page for people who have sick or dead dogs recently. NO CHICKEN JERKY at all untill the find the cause!!! It all comes from the same place in China under different labels!!!
PURINA KILLS DOGS!! and they don't care.


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