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Wageworks is a completely ineffective company. They are designed to be a flexible spending account for healthcare services. Their complete inability to run the customer service department has frustrated me to the point of canceling the service and paying taxes on healthcare because it simply is not worth the aggravation. The card should work at doctors offices, but never does. They make the reimbursement process completely useless and cannot get their act together. They read off of a script and do not hire anyone with the common sense to read a receipt. This is nothing more than a government funded scam to take your money, so just pay the taxes and save yourself the grief. I have had to hire an attorney to navigate the inept management.

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  • Ak
      Dec 14, 2008


    I'm going to be blunt, but please take no offense;
    as a former team leader for the company, I heard this time and time and time again and it got worse when someone asked for a supervisor about it;

    although I must admit the hiring practices were relaxed when we ramped up, but I'm going to clarify a few things about wageworks, and FSAs in general...

    "The card should work at doctors offices, but never does"
    - card used to work anywhere when they were first issued...anywhere...even toys r us and gas stations;
    since pre-tax funds were being used improperly, the IRS issued new guidelines in regards to card use...if a merchant wanted to use the card, their credit card terminal had to be coded a certain way ie: dr's office

    the following year, the IRS lauched the IIAS compliance program; where a new point of sale system automatically identifies eligible products.
    This system was only for pharmacies;

    all this information was agreed to, y you, when you read and agreed to the terms and conditions;

    and I must admit, our claims department did make mistakes but any oversights get resubmitted;

    and quite a few times, fax came through illegible or not at all - it was frustrating for me too...and when an agents denies your request to speak to the claims department in regards to a denial or whatever, they're not lying to you;
    claims dept does not take any my 2 years, I've never spoken to anyone from there, only though the internal note system

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  • Is
      Jul 04, 2009

    We have WageWorks at our company and EVERY employee enrolled in the program I've talked to has complaints about the so-called management of our funds. I've used FSC processing companies for the past ten years, understand what is an eligible expense and what is excluded, following the guidelines to the letter and if I'm unsure about an expense, I DON'T USE THE CARD, I submit a paper claim. One example of the stupidity at this company is I sent in a paper claim with a copy of my health insurance explanation of benefits and a copy of the receipt from the doctor's office. The idiots PAID the claim but on my next "statement" they requested ANOTHER receipt because the expense was "questionable." WW's statement said DOCTOR so-and-so. Um, I could swear that eligible expenses include licensed physicians. The insurance company had no problem processing the claim. But lo and behold! The inepts at WW couldn't figure out that if THEY PAID the claim and issued a check, SOMEONE AT WW must have reviewed the paperwork! Now they've turned off the use of my card because of "abuse." ABUSE on their part, not mine! AT LEAST 30% of the employees in my company have had their cards turned off for "abuse" at one time or another.

    Another incident: I was told to reimburse an expense from the prior year so I wrote them a check. The next statement showed they TOOK THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY from my fund as the check I wrote and THEY CASHED THE CHECK, TOO! They stole my money and wouldn't give it back!!!

    They are a scam outfit and I'll be requesting to be removed from this scam program with WageWorks. These people need to be investigated for fraud and put out of business permanently.

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  • H1
      Aug 03, 2009
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    They're a bunch of ###s. I've had FSA with United Health Care before, ALL paid my medical bills and never got questioned about it or told to submmit receipts. The ###s over WW suspended my card last yr. and then now this yr. Why???? Because they do not understand or read who they payee is (The hospital and my dentist). I will never have FSA with these assssssholesss!! Never again!! Grand theft!! Rip offf!!!

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  • Mn
      Sep 17, 2009

    Wageworks positively REEKS.

    I'm covered under my husband's plan and they adopted Wageworks this past year - and a miserable year it's been as a result.

    A large sum was paid out for orthodontia in March of this year, but it never appeared under "account activity" nor did it appear on any statements. I called repeatedly about it, and was told to speak with the Orthodontist's office, that Wageworks had no record of it.

    I had the credit card receipt, and the Ortho's Office assured me they received payment, so I went back to Wageworks and kept opening "tickets" (which are not assigned numbers, or at least, they won't give the numbers to you) for about four months before I shrugged my shoulders figuring it would show up at some point, and just made a mental note not to spend the money. Same thing happened when another large amount was charged by the Orthodontist in June - Wageworks couldn't find it in their system to save their lives.

    Fast forward to three days ago, and my card is suspended without warning. Both transactions FINALLY posted on Sunday (SIX months later) and they didn't even give me a chance to respond to it. I've had the respective receipts since I made payment, but they didn't even give me 24-hours to submit them before yanking my card.

    For those not familiar with Wageworks, if you submit a receipt prior to it appearing on the monthly issued statement "card verification" form, they will mail you a check for the amount. No matter what you tell them, if they don't see the charge, they cut you a check. I held on to the receipts from the orthodontist because I really wanted to avoid them paying me out money from my account that had ALREADY BEEN PAID for accounting and appearances sake.

    So without warning I'm cut off. The kicker? Both charges are from the SAME doctor, both clearly labeled ORTHODONTICS; but while the charge from March is classified as "unknown, " the charge from June was automatically classified as "qualified."


    This isn't the only incident I've had with them. I fill my prescriptions at a family pharmacy near my home and even though the IIAS effective start date was extended from January 2009 to June 2009, Wageworks won't honor receipts from earlier in the year, so despite the fact that I paid for medication at a pharmacy, they said I had to return the money or submit substitute receipts (medical items paid out-of-pocket).

    Seeing as they're holding thousands of my dollars hostage, I refused to send them more money. Instead I sent several substitute receipts exceeding the amount they said I had to pay back. (Best part: I had four different reps give me four different sets of instructions on how to submit them.) After I submitted them, they gave me credit for ONE and told me I still owed them money. It took over eight calls and eight weeks before they finally admitted I didn't owe them money, but they seemed to mysteriously forget they owe *ME* money/credit.

    Their customer service is criminally INEPT, to say the least.

    There are a number of other problems, but these are the special ones that stand out. I'm going to attempt to fax the orthodontic receipts to see if they can fix THEIR mess. Mind you, I don't yet have a card verification form - one rep told me I could just wait until that was mailed in mid-October and submit it then! - but hopefully someone will be able to put two and two together. Truthfully, I don't hold much hope.

    To respond to Akoostik with regards to illegible faxes, maybe then Wageworks should leave the stone-age and allow for scans. I could send a pristine scan quick and easy, but Wageworks has no email address which accepts incoming mail. Not even an automated one for receipts! My only choices are to either pay a mint to send it snail mail (you wouldn't trust your original receipts to anything less than certified mail, would you?), or cross my fingers that the fax machines on both ends aren't ancient and worn out (unlikely!).

    Furthermore, while Toys R Us might initially sound like people abusing their cards, please remember that Toys R Us offers a number of FSA eligible items such as diaper rash ointment, teething rings, baby aspirin, humidifiers, thermometers, et al, at phenomenal prices. Just because someone used their card there doesn't mean they walked out with a BigWheel or a GameBoy.

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  • Ge
      Oct 02, 2009

    WageWorks sucks. Do NOT give them your hard earned money.

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  • Js
      Nov 20, 2009

    Wageworks. More like WageSucks. I went to use my FSA card and oh, what's that? It's been turned off? Seems they wanted a receipt for an expense some months ago, but failed to let me know. The instant I found out, I faxed in the requested receipts. A WEEK LATER and still no card turned back on! All I get from customer service is, "it takes a couple days for it to get turned back on." First of all, Why? You have what you need, a few clicks of the mouse and everyone would be happy. Now I'm screwed, because I have an emergency situation and cannot rely on what I got to cover me in an emergency situation.
    Oh and btw, the "questionable" transaction was a purchase at America's Best Eyewear, same as it has been for the past three years. Why is this year special? Not only that, but what else am I going to get at an eyewear office? A new car? Comeon people.

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  • Di
      Dec 14, 2009

    If you are searching here questioning whether to use Wageworks or not then the answer is NO. DON'T!
    The money you save in no way pays for the aggrevation, stress and hassle of getting YOUR money back from them

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  • Tw
      Dec 18, 2009

    Please help! Wage works has "denied" the receipts that I sent them from my family physician and from my vision doctor. They told me that they will send me to a collections agency if I don't pay them back. I have submitted that actual receipts 3 times just in case they were unreadable or something. They were rude when I called them and read from a script-even the supervisor I asked for. My husband uses the same doctor as I do and his medical savings plan covered his expenses. He has never been questioned once in 11 years with his medical savings plan and I have had 9 challenges on my flexible spending plan- each of which I sent a receipt for. Some were approved and some were denied. They won't tell me why. Please send advice.

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  • Ja
      Dec 31, 2009

    I took my child in for her yearly vision exam and purchased eye glasses. 4 months later these guys suspend my FSA card. i have submitted all paper work and have received an e-mail stating all was approved. went in today to purchase some medicine only to find out that card is still turned off. I called and questioned why it takes days to activate the card, reminding them that today is the last day of the year and all funds that are not used today will be lost. they don't care, they read their script cards and tell you to pay cash and submit a receipt and they will mail you a check. this would be fine if we were talking about 15.00 or 20.00 dollars. in my case i still have over 200.00 that would be forfeited. customer service is a joke! they should close down their customer service department and save the money and run their business through the internet.

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  • Wh
      Dec 31, 2009

    If there is a class action law suit against these guys please let us know. Our issues are similar to the above. I'm sorry, but there is not a gift shop where I could spend money frivolously when getting a colonoscopy. Very reasonable expenses were denied (at doctors' offices, purchasing eye glasses and at dentists) and our card closed toward the end of the year so we could not use it to finish spending what we had left to spend. Bills submitted without use of the card were denied for no known reason. The Drs. name, the cost before and after insurance, the detailed procedure, the office location and phone number for more information, the procedure date, and other information was included and receipts were mailed in since they supposedly could not read faxes sent in. Claims are denied with no explaination. It took many, many calls and still no resolutions.

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  • Mb
      Jan 28, 2010

    Just FYI, you aren't "giving" WageWorks your money. You don't pay the fees, your employer does. If you aren't getting the help you need from customer service, contact your human resources department and file a complaint with them. Your company pays WageWorks to perform a service, if you feel they are not performing that service in a competent manner, tell your employer. Make sure you have copies of your receipts, insurance explanation of benefits and any correspondence from WageWorks.
    If your card doesn't work at your doctor's, it probably means your doctor's code is incorrect.

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  • Wo
      Mar 03, 2010

    Please note the frustration some have written here is understandable. I do hear the customer service complaints and do understand these as well. But note some things here. You are told when you sign up for the account and each year there after to keep ALL receipts in case they are requested. The IRS regulates what we need to request from you. First of all there are things at some of these locations that are not eligible, example vision- clip ons are not eligible, accessories are not eligible. Dental, toothpaste is not eligible, mouth wash, Dental Veneers without a LOMN. The IRS requires that any place that is not IIAS certified we have the documentation on file. I know I have dealt with a lot of people that say oh I was never notified you needed this receipt until now, UHM NO if you look back at your statements and actually read your statements you would see it was asked of you several times and when you didnt do what you were suppose to do the card gets shut off per your Employers set up with your account. Emails we cannot accept because of your HIPPA privacy if you dont like that take that to the government because that isnt our choice, do you know how many wrong people could get your information if you emailed things? WageWorks has now made it possible to file your online claims and now get your most live and up to date card information making it easier for you to get your money and make sure it stays in your pocket. BTW teething rings are not eligible and humidifiers without a LOMN are not FSA eligible. I think some of the complaints are warranted about CS but if you dont know how this program works you need to check with your HR department and have them better explain it to you because a lot of what is heard here is not reading your statements and thinking things will just approve themselves. If you do what you are suppose to do the program works great, this is my second year and I love it!

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  • Fr
      Mar 04, 2010

    The only thing you can use your card for and not have to deal with the hastle is co-pays (dr's offices and CVS) . Thats if the card is accepted at the point of sale.

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  • Kn
      Mar 04, 2010

    I would NEVER EVER EVER use this company anymore. They are complete ###s. PLEASE don't make the mistake we did. They DENY everything. I mean I gave birth what do they think I used the anesthesia services for?

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  • Ba
      Mar 05, 2010

    FrustrationMA - I STOPPED using the debit card because every single transaction was audited and submit ONLY paper claims. I've been using FSA accounts since their inception and I understand how they work and what expenses are excluded, etc. When we had a different provider, I got audited for ONE receipt during that year. When they changed to this ### company, they audit everything and keep asking for the same receipts again and again and again and again, even though the receipts have all the required information for claiming. I even send my EOB from my medical insurance to PROVE I can claim the expense. Does it matter? NOT ONE FREAKING BIT! They even threatened to blow me into the IRS. I told them: Go ahead!!! I can prove I'm not claiming fraudulant charges and it will give me a platform to trash these idiots!

    We're all happy you're happy with them. As you can see from the complaint board, you're in the minority. And I wouldn't be a big surprise to discover you work for Wage Works or some HR dept who contracted to use these idiots.

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  • Sc
      May 06, 2010

    Wow... I'm so angry, nothing seems to help. I googled "wageworks complains" and tons came up. In a strange way it makes me feel better that I'm not alone. I have decided it's not worth the hassle to use the FSA. I like saving the money (taxes) but when I factor in all the time spent filling out forms, talking to customer service, faxing then repeating the same steps on the same claims over and over again... well it's enough to blow my mind.

    So NO I will not use Wageworks again or recommend it to anyone!!! I'll just set aside a certain amount and deposit it into a high interest account and use it when I need it.

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  • Wa
      May 26, 2010

    Every time I call Wageworks Commuter Benefits (I've spoken to Pam, Lynette, Will, Oscar, Stephanie, Maria, Yvonne, to name only a few) about a $230 Commuter benefit that was due me, I get a totally different excuse as to why I have not received payment.
    I was employed by DraftFCB Healthcare in NYC. Evidently, the money they deducted from my last paycheck, after I was let go, went to Wageworks. I have spent the better part of a year attempting to claim the surplus funds. Then, as the funds "expired", they sent it back to the employer.
    Now they have my money, and Wageworks refuses to provide me any documentation to verify this transaction OF MY MONEY. They stated "use it or lose it".

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  • Iw
      Jun 10, 2010

    They are a joke!

    I deliberately avoid sending original receipts because to do so will make a counter claim useless without the original! They talk of substituting receipts for reimbursable items such as bandaids, Advil etc. bought using a method other than the actual FSA card! That's crazy!

    I had a questioned amount from a mail order prescription company- no different than the 5 other transactions from the exact same company (Express Scipts) on my account earlier this year. By definition the transaction can only be for prescriptions- yet they claim they need a receipt! Hogwash.

    Lastly I had an emergency procedure in the Caribbean- nothing serious but required a nurse, a doctor and a charge for supplies for the procedure. They questioned not the doctor or the supplies BUT the nurse! for $20!

    It's a mad house of bureaucracy!

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  • Ki
      Aug 02, 2010

    Where do I start? Wage works turned my flex card off last year in December for no reason and did not turn it back on until Jan 1. I lost $598. Or should I say the government took it. Now here it is August 2 and yet again my card has been turned off! What a surprise!!! I sent in all the detailed receipts that they needed and now they are saying I need more documentation. What do they want??????? Wage Works you've gotten the last penny from me...we will not do flex spending next year, it's all FRAUD!!!

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  • Un
      Apr 14, 2011

    All I want to say is, I totally agree with everyones disappointment in this company. I for one, am planning on canceling this as I do not like to speak with their customer service department. I just got off the phone with "Oscar" where he couldn't understand a word i was saying, made me repeat myself, then said he couldn't give me information due to HIPAA laws... I wasn't asking for information Oscar, I was asking you to resubmit the claims that your company incorrectly denied! Oscar got a little upset that I was yelling, poor thing... I wonder why? Cause you suck? Cause you didn't listen to a word I was saying, or maybe because you were but you don't understand English. Hmmn, I think that might have been it. Either way, I'm done.

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  • Cr
      May 28, 2011

    Since 2009, wageworks as steadily been increasing the verification of charges made to my account. All of the charges I have made have been for out of pocket expenses for medical and or dental charges not paid by my insurance company. On 5/27/2011 I spent over an hour trying to get assistance, because they said via email: YOUR CARD PRIVILEGES HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED
    Your Health Care Card privileges have been suspended because you have not submitted appropriate receipts or repayments for any card transactions with Receipt or Repayment Needed. You were notified of your need to submit receipts or repayment for card transactions either via email or postal mail. I have sent numerous faxes, as did the medical provider for these same expenses they said they never received. I have recently just spent the last 4 hours sending them via the internet ALL of the EOB's or forms from my insurance coverages showing all the information that wageworks required. Now its the beginning of Memorial weekend, and they froze my card. I have a prescription I need for pain for an illness I have, and I am out of pain medicine for this illness. When I tried to explain that to wageworks customer service, the supervisor felt it was more important for them to explain that the money on the account is really, "a loan from the company my husband works", stating it was, "a benefit of a loan". After explaining to him I needed to get prescriptions filled over the weekend, twice I was put on hold for over 15 minutes. The last time I was put on hold, the company actually closed the business and he left me on hold for over an hour...I only hung up to call back and it was too late, the company had closed for the weekend. I want to send a formal complaint to someone about the company, but there is noone available to take the complaint because their customer service does not have an outlet/form/protocal for complaints. They just say, "we never got the paperwork". I also wanted to complain about the abuse of unverified charges. How many times can they ask for verification per year. Most times it is always from the same provider or dental charges, then wageworks, just threatens you by saying, "if they don't the paperwork, then the IRS can come after the account holder (me)". I am sick of their abuse and threats and ignorance. They get people on the phone that laugh at you, they don't take you serious, they don't care about the people (account holders), they are irresponsible with legal medical documents. There is NO place to talk to anyone about the problems, because they simply do NOT CARE!!!

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  • Pa
      Nov 15, 2011

    i like to know who's ideal was it to have a prescription for otc item it stupid i am not saving i just use gas to go to the doctor office then i go to walgreen again to purchase the cold medicine which was on sale but had to pay the full price because of the prescription, then i could only purchase a small bottle had to wait half of hour this is really dumb.don't they see more people are canceling this card it not worth the trouble not to mention the money you suppose to be saving is going on gas and paying higher prices for the medicine.they really need to change this rule you already going through h!!! with receipt they keep denying...why such much trouble spending your own money i guess so they can take it if you don't spend it all (rip off big time)

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  • Ks
      Jul 13, 2012

    Wage works is the worst FSA company I have ever dealt with with. claim to be based out of Kentucky, yet EVERY person ive spoken to is of indian desent. I had a claim that we used the card to pay for near the end of a year, and we paid it after the first of the year, so the service date and pay date were in two different years, I provided reciepts and yet they claim they cannot process it. BS!
    they tell me to buy some things out of pocket like first aid kits, bandaids, pay for a couple fo office copays, and prescriptions out of pcket and submit the reciepts and they will apply them towards the amount. so i did. and NOW because I paid for the prescriptions with my debit card, at walmart, and the reciepts dont have 5 key things ( my name, dr. name, date, amount, and description of services) they cant process...i VERY BOLDLY AND BLUNTLY told him, i went to a store with a pharmacy, and picked up my prescriptions that my doctor ordered. and the 5 things they were looking for were not available. I ended up hanging up on the [censored] before i reached threw the phone and ripped his head off

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  • Se
      Aug 09, 2012

    Wageworks is a bunch of crooks. If you don't spend all the money you put in the account by end of year, they keep it. Forget about filling out the forms to get it back, that is a joke. My card was suspended because the didn't know why my doctors office put $68.00 on the card, MY DOCTORS OFFICE, that should be enough.

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  • Rb
      Sep 03, 2012

    Wageworks makes its money because:
    1. They find an excuse to stop servicing you. If you don't resolve an issue within 180 days, your account is suspended, so they don't spend anymore time working on your case. In the meantime, they still collect their fee.
    2. You forfeit money. Although they claim that they make no direct money when you're prevented from using your FSA contribution, there are indirect ways in which they benefit from screwing you over.
    3. You have no recourse. Your only means of complaining is to the IRS, who doesn't give a rat's ### about Wageworks screwing you over. As long as they're compliant with their end ot the IRS requirements for "managing" FSA accounts, they're golden.

    In a word, Wageworks is institutionalized racketeering, that's protected by the IRS.

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  • 39
      Sep 21, 2012

    Wageworks takes scamming to a whole new level. I resigned from my job last month and received a letter from Wageworks saying that in order to continue my health insurance coverage (COBRA), I had to send Wageworks $521.39, which I did. After they cashed my check, I called the health insurance carrier to verify continuation of coverage and they advised me Wageworks had not paid my health insurance premium and my policy was suspended. When I called Wageworks, they said they didn't pay it because my former employer is no longer one of their clients. When I asked for a refund, they refused and pocketed my entire premium!! I have filed a complaint against them with the Department of Labor, which has just opened an investigation on them. People need to open a slew of investigations against these evil crooks to be made right and prevent Wageworks from preying on other innocent victims. With concerted efforts and complaints, we can shut down Wageworks. Have everyone you know who has been cheated by Wageworks complain to their state attorney general, the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, or the Department of Labor.

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  • St
      Apr 02, 2014

    This card is a total scam... so I put $20 a pay period on this card for a total of $260 a year. Not a lot but that is money out of my check every week. So I leave the company in March of 2014 having out about $120 on the card from my personal check. I call to use the money I put on the card and was told that because I terminated my employment the only way to get my money now would be to send in my receipts for the portion of the year I worked at my company. Problem is I don't have a $120 in paid medical bills between Jan and March let along the full $260 that they have got. SO... they now get to keep the entire $260 and I get non of my money back. THIS IS LEAGAL! I ask to speak to a manager about this... after about 10 minutes my call was miraculously just disconnected. I would never contribute to "Wage Works" and recommend anyone considering it find an alternate source.On top of it I worked for a very large company with 250, 000 employees in the US. Can you imagine what this company takes in every year.

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  • Ll
      Aug 23, 2015

    I submitted a claim for shoe inserts because he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a condition in which the shoe inserts will help alleviate. I sent in the copay for the doctor visit and the prescriptions. I purchased a shoe inserts for my husband and the claim was denied because they state that shoe inserts require a letter of medical need. Yet, I am able to purchase shoe inserts from the FSA website without a letter of medical need. What is up with Wageworks? Can they just deny claims for eligible expenses? Who do I contact, other than wageworks to file a complaint? With so many confirmed complaints wouldn't they be in violation of their federal contracting obligations???Do they have a contracting officer who oversees this federal contract?

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  • Te
      Jan 22, 2016

    As everyone is saying, DO NOT fund this company! I have not spoken to one person that was from the USA. Everyone I have had the displeasure of talking to has been someone that does not understand a single for of English, moreover, cannot hold a conversation unless it is written in the script they are clearly reading from. At one point, I was actually training the representative on their own website. No matter what question you ask, they say the same thing over and over. There is no talking to a supervisor because they don't exist. Our money has been inaccessible for months and repeated attempts to clear this up with receipts has failed. We finally just paid our account back with a credit card and now they won't credit our account with that payment either so we are out another $225.00. We asked to speak to an English speaking American and were denied. Instead we sit here with this orange card that is absolutely useless. We will NEVER do this again. My husband works for the City of Houston as a Captain in the Houston Fire Academy and why the city was easily swayed to use this fraudulent company is beyond me. Clearly a little research would have made all the difference. I can only hope that people like me and the others that take action like this to complain publically can make a change and put this company out of business. Help us help others! I'm an American and more importantly, I am a Texan! To the employees and owner of Wageworks, Don't mess with Texas!!!

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  • Dp
      Dec 06, 2016

    They are a terrible company... They allow me to charge my card for Dental work, but then complain about a receipt (how about verify that its a dental company before you release funds)... They also won't pay for my CVS bill when it clearly says F next to the items.

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  • Wn
      Dec 19, 2016

    This year is the first year that I have had any dealing with WageWorks. It will also be the last. They paid a claim or two, then, cut the card off and have not paid any more since. I tried registering on their web site, but, it does not work. I comply with all the requirements stated and still web site does not work. Called customer service number, just got a run around. I explained to them that they have my funds on deposit and I am making valid claims, still no resolution. They will not email out "requiired" forms for reimbursement. They say that they will send in snail mail. They refuse to reimburse me for out of pocket, legitimate medical and dental expenses, a function that they are charged with. I will NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH WAGEWORKS AGAIN. I would advise anyone considering this company to just take what ever amount of money that they would deposit with them and burn it. You will never see your money again. WageWorks is organized theft. Pure and simple.

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  • Li
      Mar 27, 2017

    I just got off of the phone with the 5th representative from wage works. I asked numerous times to talk to someone in the US. I received the same answer time after time. My spending account was suspended in 2016 for a missing receipt for my dentist office that they had paid numerous time prior. When I went to use my card in 2017 they showed that I was missing 4 receipts from the prior year. These are the names on the receipts, "Express Scripts, Midwest Radiological Services, Webster Dental Care and The Joint Chiropractic. I asked, "Why these vendors were not just reimbursed?" It is obvious that they are health care expenses. The customer service rep, and I lose that term very loosely, told me that I needed to submit a payment with my credit card and that he would assure that they reimbursed me. I asked him to confirm what he was asking me to do numerous times and he confirmed that this was just to get the card opened for my current expense and that Wage Works would reimburse me with a check for the payment that I was makings. Stupid me. I did. Guess what they will not pay me for the legitimate expenses. I have over a thousand dollars in MY MONEY that I can't use and they will not reimburse me. I really want to start a class action law suit. Who do we contact. I am calling the attorney general. This should be regulated closely. It's tax deferred money. Can I submit from reimbursement somehow. I was lied to and cheated. HELP.

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  • Rp
      Jan 25, 2019

    OK so forgetting about the fact that this scam corporation gets to keep any and all wages that you (the Participant) contribute by year-end - why not return any unused portion to the Participant??, anyway aside from that, this program is pretty much impossible to use. Example- you go to the pharmacy, dermatologist, podiatrist, etc. you give them your card and that's supposed be it right? I mean you are contributing to an account from your paycheck managed by WageWorks, it SHOULD be simple to draw against it with your physician, medical, pharmacy visits. But hold on. Of my last 12 charges, all but 3 were denied. Reason? "No proper documentation". This despite the fact that the attempted charges originated from a national cancer hospital, a Dermatologist, a Podiatrist, even CVS pharmacy! They not only deny the charges at a staggering rate, they suspend your "benefits" card immediately! The douche bags who run this firm are so out-of-touch, that they suspend your card if you sneeze too loud. Yet your hard-earned wages continue to flow into their account and you cannot access them!!
    Why anyone one would voluntarily choose this blatant abuse of a service is beyond me. If you have not already chosen this abusive program, then DON"T!!
    And if you already have enrolled, QUIT immediately like I did! I'd rather pay the taxes!!!

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