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I have fallen behind meeting my monthly mortgage payments. Compounding this is the fact that my house is worth about 60% of the current loan balance. It has been suggested I declare bankruptcy and just walk-away from my home as part of the procedure.

I have been trying to get my loan modified through Wachovia. Wachovia is owned by Wells Fargo bank, one of the biggest offenders contributing to 'Alt A' and sub-prime loan programs.

In response to request for information concerning my hardship and current financial status I have received redundant requests for information, I have received letters telling me I was 'eligible for foreclosure', I have received letters indicating I should seek a loan modification and I have received letters indicating I am eligible for loan counseling and possible loan modification. I have received a letter indicating my request for loan modification has been denied but not in the sequence one would expect given all the communications filling my mailbox.

The majority of correspondence encouraging me to proceed with loan counseling and a loan modification have arrived after the denial.

I have spoken to numerous individuals at Wachovia, answered their questions and awaited return phone calls from I guess the next department 'up the line' in this process. The phone number I filled in is for a person that has been very helpful and seemingly on her game. My complaint is not about her specifically, but more about the confusion which seems to be running out of control.

Like so many consumers I hear in the news about all this bail-out money and all these corporate excesses and fiscal abuses and wonder how this can continue.

I have told the representatives at Wachovia that I do not want to walk-away from my home. It would cost me more to rent in my neighborhood. I have told them I would accept another loan like I have now if we could amend the loan value and start the payment clock over again. I believe that once my employment situation solidifies I will be more than able to meet my obligations and specifically keep my mortgage with Wachovia (and previously World) current as I have for the past fifteen years.

It is particularly frustrating to be held in the dark in this matter in this new era of 'transaction transparency' new 'Truth-in-Lending ' requirements to further protect the consumer (even though it adds as much as three weeks to a purchase transaction) and other potential legislation to handcuff mortgage brokers like myself.

I am a loan originator, have been for twenty years and I am feeling like I am soon to be a new endangered specie; a loan officer that owned a home.

Wachovia Mortgage

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      Jul 14, 2010

    We're with Wachovia Wells Fargo formerly World Savings Bank and they are a complete and utter joke. The President and Congress need to get on the ball and make these banks stop dragging their feet, meanwhile they're taking all that bailout money and doing nothing to help consumers. SOMEBODY PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO HELP US!!!

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