Wachovia Mortgage FSB / Horrible Service from Loss Draft Dept

1 1213 Old Cooches Bridge Rd, Newark, DE, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 3024550500

Horrible service and incompetent representatives with the Wachovia Mortgage Loss Draft Deptartment. Our company is an authorized party to speak to the mortgage company in regards to the repair and reconstruction of our customer's/Wachovia Mortgage holder's home. I have called the Loss Draft Dept everyday for the last two weeks requesting for the loss draft packet with forms to complete and return to the mortgage company to be faxed to our company. Each time I speak with a different representative who says the packet will be faxed to us that day between 4pm-6pm EST. We still have not received the forms. It is absolutely ridiculous that a company like Wachovia can not simply fax the needed documents to our company. This lack of knowledge and efficiency from Wachovia Loss Draft Dept has delayed our company from processing the mortgage forms and funds needed to perform the repairs to our customer and the Wachovia mortgage holder's home. It is appalling.

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