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Wachovia Bank NA / Delays return of monies

1 301 S College St # 4000Charlotte, NC, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (704) 374-3279

6/11/07 - Purchased Certificate of Deposit in amount of 97,000.00 from World Savings.

9/7/07 - Received notice Wachovia Bank is new owner of Certificate of Deposit

Early 12/07 - Called Wachovia Bank to notify them I would be redeeming the Certificate of Deposit. They said they were unable to accept the notice until the date of maturity.

12/11/07 - Called Wachovia Bank to notify them I wished to redeem my Certificate of Deposit. Was told notice had to be sent in writing. They suggested mailing address, I requested fax number. Faxed notice to Wachovia.

12/12/07 - Called Wachovia to confirm they received fax (they had not responded as requested in the fax I sent them). Was told fax was received and check was mailed on 12/11/07

12/14-12/19 - Called several times, told repeatedly check had been mailed 12/11/07. Was told several times a supervisor would return my call. No return call was received.

12/20/07 - Called and was told check was mailed 12/18/07. Complained they lied to me several times when they told me the check was mailed and they delayed sending me my money. They kept my money for over a week without paying interest. Lorraine Norman indicated she would have her superior, Tanya Perry return our call. No return call was received.

12/21/07 - Called Wachovia regarding phone call from supervisor I was waiting for. During this phone conversation Barry Merkel said I could have just gone to a local branch on 12/11/07 and they would have given me a check for the Certificate of Deposit. I was ever informed of this in any of the prior conversations. Check for CD was received, envelope was postmarked 12/19/07.

Requested Outcome - Wachovia Bank N.A. should pay me interest for the 10 days I was unable to have use of my funds due to their delaying tactics. Wachovia Bank N.A. should be fined by the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, and/or other appropriate regulatory agencies for purposely delaying the return of my monies.

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  • Ge
      30th of Dec, 2007
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    I've been scammed by Wachovia - with similar delaying tactics. I did file a formal complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. I'm wondering if this will do anything to remedy the situation - so I also filed a complaint with Connecticut's State Attorney General.

    It's sickening how these large financial institutions can get away with this.

  • Wa
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    Wachovia lies when ever it fits their needs, they lied to us! wachvoialied is our web-site, you should visit us and leave your comment about how they lied to you! It is sickening how they can get away with what they do and if they can't get away with it, they will lie. Just do a google on "Wachovia Lied". It is amazing reading.

  • Sa
      9th of Feb, 2010
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    These people at Wachovia will deplete all the money in your account on bogus fees. they held a government isuued check for over 7 banking days and then charged us $405.00 in fees in uncollected funds. There is a law that the Federal Reserve has to clear any check over $2, 000.00 in 24 hours that means they have had my money for over 5 days and I can not use it ?? Are they kidding in this economic recession they want to charge highway roberry for monies they should not have been allowed by law to take. You call the President of the company in North Carloina and you are only able to talk to his cronnies who will not put him on the phone. What is he afraid of that he will not even speak to the people that keep him in the charging too much money in fees it is paying his salary!!! The President (Mr. Obama) should really hunt these people down and shout them outside like wild turkies that they are.


    I can provide any documentation any one will need including an attorney

  • Sa
      10th of Feb, 2010
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    Wachovia Bank NA - Fees
    Wachovia Bank N.a./Wells Fargo
    16207 SW 56th Ter
    United States
    Phone: 305-382-5177

    Again they have done it charged me fees w/o anyexplanation the hold of government monies did not come off the account and they charged me the same fees as yesterday (no new checks came in) just DOUBLE DIPPING!!!

    If you want to hold on to your hard earned money do not bank with these people. They are taking my money with a a SHOTGUN to my wallet... unbelievable I am going to contact Help Me Howard and Al Sunshine on the local news channels and then go from there..

    I will be advocating for the people in Florida against these banking thieves (Billy the Kid) style.

    Any attorney out there that would like to start a class action law suit please call me...I am sure I am not the only person this is happening to and we need a hand. I also am calling the banking commisssioner from the state of Florida.

  • Ha
      9th of Nov, 2010
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    Wachovia Bank NA - terrible customer serivce and Stealing Money
    Wachovia Bank
    North Carolina
    United States

    Wachovia is the worst bank in the nation. DO NOT BANK WITH THEM. My story is a month worth of details. I had a account with Wachovia for almost two years with no problems. One day I went to check my account to see if my check had deposited only to see that it had been withdrawned along with the rest of the money in my account. Wachovia apparently claims that I had a joint account and because the person on my account with me had an overdraft they used all the money in my account to cover theirs. After trying to figure out how this could possibly happen I was sad for awhile but then I got mad. I called back and tried to understand how my account in the first place got changed to joint account without me or the other perosn constent. They claimed I just walked into a bank one day and said yeah add this person to my account. And that was the end of it. Although their customer serivce calims that their should be a signature card dating the change in my account and a whole approval process should have occured to make the change. None of this happen, even better according to them no changes should have appered on my online banking statements and the other person in a joint account was not required to be given a card. Even werider was that the person they claim was on my account could never withdraw from my account although by defintion of a joint account they should have had equal access to the funds in my account. The strangest part was the account the claim was overdrawn had been closed over a week ago. Through figuring all this out from various customer service people while being hung up on twelve times in the process including by supervisors. I decided that since the bank was unwilling to handle my case I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau hoping they would get something done. No luck there though. They closed my case after they recived an answer they where pleased with from Wachovia. The president of the bank literally wrote " they must have misunderstood what you meant but your account was not changed without your constent." That makes no longer sense, considering one can not give constent to someone elses misunderstanding. I concurred that the BBB most just be against ever finding fault against the bank since the have and A+ rating even with over 200, 000 complaints filed against them. The bank seems to have no answers and are trying to cover their tracks. I was advised to file a case with the banks fraud department who said they would refund my money and send out a check the next day. One weeks later I still have no check so I call the fraud department back and they say it can take two to three weeks to recieve the check. The next time I called they said that they credited the amount back to an account. Although the only account they would have access to is the one that I closed meaning the account would have had to been forced reopened by Wachovia. The bank is acting very shady. No one is ever in their office or able to pick up the phone. NO one can explain in a logical manner how my account was changed. NO one gives the same answers. NO one seems to know what the policies of the bank are. NO one seem to give a care. This bank is ridiciouls and they treat people like this because they believe no one will say anything about it. They expect everyone to just give up. But I will not I will tell every perosn from the bottom to the top about my story until the issue is resolved. And every time I tell my story I inculded websites like this [redacted], their facebook, and twitter account which are covered with nothing but a million complaints about this company without holding deposites longer than they should. Processing transcations so that they can charge you overdraft fees. Charing multiple overdraft fees for one transcation and not refunding the mistakes and their overall rude customer serivce line.

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