Wachovia Bank Customer Service / No Resolution

1 Denver, CO, United States

I called Wachovia in November to issue a stop payment on a check I wrote. The lady said it would be taken care of if the company hadn't already cashed it. 4 DAYS LATER, the check was cashed. After calling Wachovia to investigate, they told me the stop payment wasn't processed. I was later told that I provided the incorrect check number. My thought is 1) No way - I had my bank statement and check in front of me. 2) if the check number and check amount didn't correspond with each other, why didn't the CSR ask about it.
I escalated the issue to Cara Corvino (the CSR's boss) - she said she would listen to the call and get back with me. After calling multiple times, I hadn't heard anything in 3 MONTHS, so I called her boss. A day later Cara Corvino told me that it wasn't her job to resolve customer issues and the only update she could provide was to tell me that no other action would be taking place. I asked to hear the call - she declined. Better yet, I asked her for the details of the call. Cara Corvino said, I don't have your notes of the call in front of me. WOW - any manager worth a darn will at least be able to ATTEMPT to bring details when calling a disgruntled customer. In the end, I guess Wachovia is unwilling to admit any mistakes they made and its also good to know they are not in the business of issue resolution.

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