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The expensive pipe was purchased few months back from the company, Wm Kratt itch Pipe Co.. I use this pitch pipe very often so it is need to clean after some days. Well, it is so badly designed that I couldn't clean it properly. And after some days of cleaning it stopped giving out sound, I felt bad for that.My son was very to get it, he used this pipe for playing some times. But I don't feel that it is because of him it stopped giving out sound. I took it to the store but I didn't get any help from their employees, so I could only advise for new buyers do not buy from them if you lack experience of dealing with them.


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      Jun 16, 2015

    Anyone looking to purchase the Wm Kratt Pitch pipe, to let you know, It takes a little practice to get the desired tone. It took me a little time to get it. I have no problems with my MK2 C-C Pitch pipe. People should feel Sure of themselve if you buy one of the Masterkey Pitch pipes. All of Kratts Products have a 6 month Warranty on them. Try getting a warranty from China.

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