Vy Capitaluseless

Is a number of venture companies endless?
According to what each of them states on websites they are all unique, one of a kind, number one and leading organization with special ideas and there are no similar companies. Of course, all of them lie, 99% are scammers.
Vy Capital is another one so unique and creatively different company with a special idea, however, it's been looking the way it does since 2013! Nothing has changed. Just two sentences on the website without any changing. That's sooooo weird.
I guess you understand that domains aren't free, they belong to someone who gets paid for providing domains. What's the point in paying for this website if it's absolutely useless? Are they going to finally launch the project?
If they ever do, somehow you have to find my review and to read it. Maybe everything I said will be a reason for you not to use their service for investments.

Nov 30, 2018

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