VW Hatfield Bryanstone — price for repairs on my vehicle

I have received the most disgusting service for Jetta CS24FB GP This vehicle was in running order when I took to their workshop.

On Friday 16/11/18 I noticed the EPC light come on . I took the vehicle in to VW Hatfield Bryanston where it was serviced for the past 5 years.
I was asked by Liam/Albert to bring the vehicle in on Saturday17/11/18, so they could diagnose the problem during the course of the week. I went to VW Hatfield Bryanston on Friday 23/11/2018 to find the top part of the engine removed and the engine block exposed.

The technician Albert informed me the number 3 piston must be replaced as it was causing the EPC light to come on, due to misfire.

Yesterday - Monday 26/11/2018 Albert informed me the cost will be around R50 000 .00 to redo the engine.( No Quotation sent) I didn't inform them to open the car. I informed him I just purchased the vehicle 3 weeks ago and did not have that kind of money for repairs.

Today Tuesday 27/11/2018 I went to VW Hatfield to inform Albert I need to take my vehicle, and he informed me he estimated R15 000.00 will need to be paid to reassemble the top part of the engine, with no repairs being done.
Who gives them the right to open the vehicle without my permission. I am prepared to report this to to consumer protection act if the vehicle is not closed and given back in same condition.

Nov 27, 2018

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