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In June 2016 I Purchased a Polo TSI DGS. Within the first 2 months I started hearing a knocking noise. I then reported it where they found the vehicles engine mounting to be loose. At this point I was prepared to give the vehicle back but thought it might only be that and therefore kept the vehicle. Eight months down the line I start hearing that same knocking noise and once again, I reported it but this time I was advised that the steering rack is faulty and needs to be replaced, that the baffle plate is broken, that the fourth cylinder has a misfire and that the passenger front side tyre is a reverse tyre. At this point I could not return the vehicle and was then advised that the vehicle is still under engine warrantee and can be fixed. Now, being extremely frustrated and upset, I sent an email to VW complaints department where I was assisted by being advised the same thing, the engine is still under warrantee and that they will follow up if the vehicle was in any accident. Almost falling off my chair, I got a call back the day after advising no accident reported. All the above was fixed. Low and behold, not even a full year and I start hearing the knocking noise again but this time feels like the entire suspension of the vehicle is ready to give in and now sounds like a diesel engine. I then made a booking at the nearest VW Service Centre, date now being 12 June 2017 and requesting the vehicle to be serviced and checked regarding the new problems. The day I was supposed to drop my vehicle off I was called to say not to bring the vehicle in as they do not have a courtesy vehicle for me and let me tell you, this happened twice at the same service Centre. Not only does this vehicle gives me endless problems but now the VW service center's too. When asked what the reason is behind my courtesy vehicle not being available I was told that it was given to someone else. How can a courtesy vehicle that was booked for me be given to someone else. I mean, could they not have seen that it was booked for me.

If this is the case, this will be the first and last VW I will ever own and will definitely let all and everyone I know about my experience with VW.

Jun 12, 2017

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