VW Alpine PinetownDented vehicle

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Nkunzebovu Tendai Dlamini
Unisa - The University of South Africa
I have booked my car in December last year at VW Alpine in Pinetown and my service advisor was Ricardo. The guy attended to me and his coĺleagues helped me to check my car for scratches and I was happy to sign the checking document but was not given a copy of that document. I came in the afternoon but still I was made to sit and wait for my car till about 17 45 and eventually I was offered my vehicle without any signing or invoice proving the job done on it or the cost of the service from my policy. When I was on my way my car lost power so I drove it home and when I attempted to open my bonnet I realised a big dent on a bonnet and a scratch on a VW sign plus a grill is loose. I was furious because I knew I didn't have an accident or scratched my car. I took it back to VW Alpine and Ricardo denied any accident from them and told me the car came with a scratch. I then referred a matter to Service Manager for the same branch and I pointed that the part that Im querying was marked after I signed for the scratches I know with a different pen ink and handwriting. To me that was falsifying records. The manager then asked if I was offered docs in the morning after signing for scratches and in the afternoon if I was given an invoice but the answer was no. It as obvious that this was premeditatèd and the service manager offered he pays me and arrange with panelbeaters to fix my car. Ricardo has been giving me variety of stories as he mentioned that in December their choice of panelbeaters were closed till end of Jan. Went again he said end of Feb. Called the service manager he promised to get Ricardo to sort my car. Now its April still my car is dented. You guys are so passionate to ask us 10 of 10 service but fail to sort your own messes while claiming to give best service to customers. I feel you are ripping us off by giving junk status service. How do u think I feel when I look at my smashed car by your own and they busy claiming service to make money while leaving me hanging with a dented bonett. Guys wake up and smell the coffee coz your service sucks. Cant be follwing up and calling you like I smashed your car.
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May 08, 2017

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