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vts rebate processor / scam

1 United Kingdom
Contact information:

virtual training's rebate processing is a scam. I recieved the promotion below, as I'm unemployed it sounded like a sure fire way to a much needed income.

Congratulations !

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TYPE Date & Time ---New PAID Members--- Country
12:34 AM---- Jack Stevenson----- United Kingdom
10:24 AM-----Jason Paxson ---- United States
P10:30 AM ----Corey Kong--- Canada
02:14 AM ----Bill Jackson---- India
2:34 AM -----Steve Gill -----United Kingdom
1:54 AM ----Rico James---South Africa
12:34 AM ----Andrew Laurel-----United Kingdom
6:45 AM -----Jampac Dark---Sri Lanka
5:34 AM ----Jackie Longs----Italy
12:34 PM ----Andrew Doug----South Africa
8:23 AM -----Frankly Bond----Portugal
2:34 PM ----Whammy Fuerte----United States
9:14 AM ----Michael Friks----Canada
7:46 AM ----Collado Smith----Bermuda
3:34 AM ----Wing Agustos----Australia
11:14 AM ---Pogi Park----Virgin Islands
5:31 AM ----Kokey Asting-----Costa Rica
10:34 AM ----Lioda Omar ----Australia
2:23 AM -----Joey Dale ------New Zealand
4:34 AM -----Wang Haki-----Oman
1:54 AM ----Richard Graham ----Canada
12:34 AM ---Annalyn Pink----Norway
12:34 AM ---Bull Clerk----Tanzania
10:24 AM ----Mendoza Shaw----Italy
10:30 AM ----Alexander Go----United States
02:14 AM ----Potasio lee-----Netherlands
10:34 AM ----Jomar Jackson ----Canada
2:23 AM -----Joel lackson ------HOngkong
11:54 AM ----King yap ----Africa
4:34 AM -----Yung lee-----Bermuda
1:54 AM ----Jhon lock ----mexico
10:34 AM ----Wang jinke ----Australia
2:23 AM -----Adella James ------New Zealand
11:54 AM ----Lark Doug ----Canada
4:34 AM -----Michael Horry-----United States
1:54 AM ----Macky Houghes ----Canada
12:34 AM--- Nick Gauci--- United Kingdom
Don Riley --- United States
10:30 AM ---Lorne Whittaker -- Canada
02:14 AM ---Ashwani Vohra --- India
2:34 AM ----Kevin Hunt -----United Kingdom
1:54 AM ---Charles James Mills ---South Africa
12:34 AM ---Delia Lane -----United Kingdom
6:45 AM ----Mohamed Suhail Siddique --Sri Lanka
5:34 AM ---Aleksandar Gjuroski ---Italy
12:34 PM --Andre Claassens ---South Africa
Therefore, you have a "GUARANTEED" 600.00 Commission every
month from now on!. Earn $15.00 Per Process!

Each $15.00 x 40 = $600.00 Commission will be yours...!

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Please do realize that if you don't Upgrade NOW, any Upgrades that
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As soon as I receive the confirmation of your Upgrade,
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To Your Success,
Michael Houston

This is a scam! The information they provied has nothing to do with rebate prossesing and is mostly aimed at the affiliate industry.

Most, if not all of vts information is freely available and in the public domain.

Don't be fooled by their slick promotins, they have no rebate jobs and they can not guarentee you an income at all.

I'm currently fighting back and bombarding & with lengthy emails venting my frustration.

I wish there was more I could do to warn people.

Any Ideas?

Thanks Darron

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