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VRBO Listing 232730 / not exactly a vacation rental

1 United States
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We checked into this property for an extended period of time, expecting (given the amount we were paying) an upscale vacation rental. What we found was a home that appeared to be lived in. Groceries in the pantry, left over groceries in the refrigerator and personal items throughout the house. Photos of the owners, and other personal affects. The bathroom cabinetry was not not cleaned out properly and many personal items left there too (some not to be mentioned). The house itself has a very modern feel in its' furnishings primarily however the minimalist feel doesn't compensate for lacking of warmth and an overall feeling of "home". It appeared as though the owners started construction but didn't quite finish. There were holes in the walls where I am guessing lighting was to be installed but never quite made it. The garage was filled with junk and boxes, making it difficult to park our vehicle until after having to move it around. This property is completely NO FRILLS and leaves you with a feeling that at any minute the owners will be returning. The saltwater pool was nice however wasn't always working properly and after 1 week it started to smell like the Pacific ocean. The owners did not continue the maintenance while there, so we were responsible for picking up limbs from fallen trees and removing the garbage as it was instructed. We were charged additional for additional items that we did dispute such as an additional 110$ cleaning fee to scrub residue of the bottom of the tub however we never heard back from the owner.
My recommendation is that if you are looking for an upscale vacation home in lieu of staying at a 3 or 4 star property- this isn't it. Spend the extra money to get the quality of service, and the quality housing.


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