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It all started on [protected] (somewhere around there) My husband and I were considering selling our time share. I came across your web site and filled out my name for a representative to call me back. On 2-2-2010 I received a call from your rep Ken Matsko he seemed real nice and seem to know what he was talking about I asked him to email some information so I could discuss it with my husband and if we decided to go with your company I would call him back.. Well I would get calls almost everyday from Ken I know that its what he does for a living but As I said I told him if we were interested I would call him This is not why I am writing you, here is the reason why I am writing you. On [protected]:07pm I received a call from his number and to tell you the truth I did not want to talk and left it at that. And at 12:10pm I was upstairs and my husband had just got home as I was coming down the stairs I heard him say that I wasnt home. I ask him who he was talking to he said that he wasnt sure because it was someone that asked for me (mind you Ken NEVER said who he was or who he was with) he could have been a telemarketer for all my husband knew. and he said that I wasnt there and Kens exact words were I just talked to her and when my husband said well shes not here she must have just left (keep in mind my husband thought that I was out because when he got home he didnt hear me upstairs so he didnt know that I was upstairs) Ken said whatever and hung up. So my husband called back to ask ken to put us on the do not call list and he got his voicemail, But this it not the end of it at 12:12pm Ken called again and my husband answered again Ken didnt identify himself or anything to that nature and my husband asked him if they had a do not call list and Ken said why to put ###S on it like you So right there I was upset that he had the audacity to call anyone a name like that. So I called the 888 on your web site and spoke with the receptionist/secretary after giving her a little heads up as to what had happened she stated that the GM Julie was out but she would leave her a message for her to call me back because she realized that this was important that I felt that I needed to voice my opinion that minute. At 1:19PM I received a call from [protected] which was on my caller ID (with no message left) and at 1:31Pm I received a call from Ken stating that I requested that he call me back I NEVER asked for him to call me back. He wanted to apologize for his actions(which I fell is to late in my book it should not have happened to begin with) I called the [protected] which was Julie and I left her a message stating that I did not want to hear from Ken but expected to hear from her. (Which as of 3:52PM and I know that she was there until 8.


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