Voucher Gratiss / They disable my account but still give my customer poin, im loss a lot of money

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Tapjoy is really not profesional, at 4 may 2017 they suspend my id and they will not pay us a full revenue that we get.
we already paid to our customer, we loss a lot of money. but they said that we have been detected fraud without any prrof.
what we do is basicly connect it and pay to our customer, not breaking their system.
and the weird one is at 5 and 6 may, on their dashboard our customer still getting point without stoping.
i already email Tapjoy for this 5 time buat there is no respond.
i hope this is not going to happen to others that have a same application that had offerwall from tapjoy.
just beware,
i have proof, if you guys ever need it just send the email to [protected], and i will give you all of the evidence.

best regards all

Voucher Gratiss
Voucher Gratiss
Voucher Gratiss
Voucher Gratiss

May 6, 2017

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