Vonswrong pricing

This is about the 6th time something was marked one way ans charged different. It was at the Midway Dr store in San Diego CA 92106. The product on the shelf looks like the right product that the tag is on but it must be different since it rings up different. This time it was shrimp that hat normal price of 26 something and yellow sale tag said $15 something. It rang up as $19's obvious that the people putting things on the shelves are not getting the right products there.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Diego, CA I was already on my way out and checked my receipt since this is happening often. I then noticed that I had been overcharged in something I got with a raincheck. Checker gave me back $8 fir that error. If you combine it wuth the 3 or 4 mistake on the shrimp which I just took the loss on..that's about an $11 or $12 error on about a, $50 purchase...NOT GOOD. If this keeps happening I will go elsewhere and I'm starting to tell my friends yo check ALL Vons receipts because of this. This has been happening within the last 6 months. What happened?

Jan 11, 2017

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