Vons Pharmacy; San Ysidro CA on Dennery Road / pharmacy

1 San Ysidro, CA, United States

Discovered on the Good website that the Von's Pharmacy on Dennery Rd in San Ysidro, CA had the best price on a medication I required. Went there (Friday morning) and was greeted well, and submitted my prescription to the counter. After check-in, I was told "about 20-minutes" I wandered the store when I was called back to the counter. They stated medication was not available until after I said I would pick it up next Monday-Tuesday...and left the store. Was called by the Von's Pharmacy automatic phone call system the next day (Saturday); it stated my medication was ready for pickup. I decided at that time to wait till Monday to go back for the pickup (Monday). Upon arrival I was greeted and then told my medication was not available until after 2pm (this is Monday morning). I stated I was told this same thing last Friday...and this was now Monday. Same answer...not until after 2pm. I was very disappointed, and left without comment. After arriving back to my office, and a clearer head, I called the Pharmacy to lodge my complaint on this issue. I was told the automatic phone system calls "everyone" ahead of time and it was a "normal thing. We are so sorry Mr. Strang". This was very disappointing to me, and I stated this was totally unfair to all their customers, some have trouble with traveling to and from the store and being told "Sorry". Very poor customer service at this Pharmacy and it's communications to customers!

Oct 22, 2018

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