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Vons / poor service and bad attitude

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The mangers and the checkers act like there doing us a favor, it"s like we are there for them! They have a bad attitude !- for instance I was in line 15 items or less - handed the checker some coupons - her reply was this was going to take some time ! By the way it was early in the morning and it was not busy! I know this sound petty but may be some of the Vons reps should come up here to Ojai and check it out for themselves! You just spent a lot of money remodeling the store ! Maybe your money would be better spent retraining some of the employees on what costumer service is all about! By the way in this small town of 8500 your store is basically the only game in town, maybe that is indicative of the attitude! I if you think I'm just complaining- I dare you to stand out in front and ask other costumers !

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