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Today, Jihan was once again rude to me. This is not the first time. I worked as a front end manager and a bookkeeper in the courtesy desk of a supermarket when I was younger in New York. Over 16 years I was there. Today, as usual no greeting or smile from Jihan. I handed her a dollar for my .71 cent script. The dollar had a tear AFTER the green serial number. The green serial number was fully present in both spots of the dollar bill. I know for a fact from being a bookkeeper for many years that this dollar is legal tender. She right away was rude and defensive and said I cant take "it's ripped" I she raised her voice a bit so I raised my back and said it is fine I asked the bank and I used to be a bookkeeper. She said I will call a manager. She started mumbling under her breath in my presence as she rang me up as I gave different dollar. I clearly hear Jihan say " I wish you would just..." the second part she got lower in tone BUT it sounded like she said would just shut up or just drop dead. Then she yelled again. SHe could have waited until after I left to say these things to herself!! I heard almost every word. I am sure she will deny it but I left the store practically in tears. The lady from the office came over and took the ripped dollar and gave me another dollar for it. I want to make a complaint against Jihan. She is never pleasant to deal with. The actual pharmacist is always nice to deal with. Then Jihan yelled at me that I am always rude?? That is not true, she always has some issue or attitude with me. She needs to learn the rule that the customer is always right even if they are wrong but today I was actually correct about the dollar.

When I worked for Waldbaum's now Shoprite stores, if cashiers or pharmacy personnel did what Jihan did they would be written up. I do not know if supermarkets still do this but if a person had 2 or 3 write ups they had to have union meetings. I do not know if she will be written up but she has a horrible attitude and very bad customer service skills. I told my husband if he asks me to pick up a script again and I see Jihan is there I refuse to deal with her ever again. If she is not working I will gladly pick up his medications. Please contact me at [protected] or [protected] if you have further questions.

Thank you,
Tammy Shapiro

PS: Please forward this to whoever the store manager of this VONS is or the district manager. Thank you again

Jul 26, 2018

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