Volvo C30 2011 / Financing Issue

1 5350 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 858-2799700

First, I have been talking to Peter Chong in sales to request about their new car Volvo C30 with a Honda Accord 2007 trade in (hoping it will suffice as a down with $12K balance but the market value was $14K at 26K miles). He was very nice about it. So after 3 weeks, I went in to see if I can purchase a car with a co-signer, Anita Serrano (my mom). I liked a car. So they made an offer where they ran my credit and my mom's. Then because of my credit, we filled out another application just for my mom as if she was buying it but that they suggested that I could drive the car but would be under my mom's name (because my credit is bad and my mom's was okay/good at 700's). The offer was that we would put $3500 down, the trade in value is almost a wash, and it was over and above what I requested for a monthly payment. Another offer was $2000 down, a bit lower monthly payment (same term 6 years). Then the final offer (as I was going to just leave since I could just kee
p my car) no down, lower payment. So we agreed finally, and they said congrats. My mom signed the paper works. Then bank called for income documentation, my mom (unfortunately) just showed one of the 3 paystabs as she has 3 sources of income (full time job, part time job and SSN retirement money). So I requested my mom to fax everything. Financing at Volvo where Jenny comes in, requested us to "resign" a contract to where the apr was higher than we originally signed due because income would not suppliment it etc. So fine we did what they said. Then we got another call requesting for the car back. So we requested the reason and Jenny said (through my mom) that the bank doesn't allow for me to drive the purchased car when the car is under my mom's name. Fine, so we returned to car in exchange for my old car. Manager apologized in the end but no apology from Jenny whatsoever. The process was 1) disorganize, 2) doesn't have customer service at all, 3) indifferent/unsympath
etic at all.

Me and my mom when about two blocks and bought a BMW which was $8K more than Volvo. Process was FAST, EFFICIENT, OVER AND BEYOND SERVICE.

Damage Resulting = I had to called in sick and also my mom had to take off work just so we can accommodate bad service, disorganized company, with questionable business practice?

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