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I have a volusion template store since last spring.
I was receiving sales calls by volusion this summer trying to sell me expensive SEO services. When I told the sales person to stop calling, I suddenly stopped getting any sales of any kind. up until then, I had sales almost everyday and the volume and traffic was building. September 19 my sales abruptly stopped.
I had a web designer look at the site and discovered my SSL certificate could no longer validate my site and customers were shopping but not buying after discovering this.
I have contacted volusion and all they could say is someone must have accidentally changed something but it's working now.
in the meantime, they won't say who, how or what and I no longer have any sales since my SSL was invalid for a whole month

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  • Nh
      Nov 07, 2012

    You are just another one buddy, I would suggest you cancel their service and try another ecommerce site asap, but please once you cancel with them be sure to close any bank account that you have given to them as your merchant account, do it asap!! as they will illegally draft unjustified amounts of money out of your account regardless, they are the biggest scam i have ever encountered and im still working on a consumer's fraud lawsuit against them, along with thousands of people who have been scammed by this company
    They are a bunch of thieves and will always do illegal things, like they did to you!! they will lie and always blame the customer for their cheating ways. Please stop their services they are going down soon!

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  • Te
      Nov 30, 2012

    I know the owners and they are a bunch of ###. Not only are they going to face criminal and civil suits, they will pay the ultimate price. Boy it is great having a tech savvy person on board, along with an retired police officer on your team for they how to get the REAL information on everyone involved perpetrating the fraud in Volutions and its network of people.And I hope you understand what is meant by meaning of the ULTIMATE PRICE. Certainly a very high price to pay just to screw-off some unwitting non-business professional, but when you have to thin the heard, some people have to take one for the team. I think their efforts should be spent on protectionveru quickly versus trying to legitimize what is already a majorly flawed business model (well, they never had one to begin with). I pray that God has Mercy on their souls.

    Adam Tolleson

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