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Volunteer organizations / Reliability

1 FL, United States

I'm writing this partially for a friend- when an act of God damages a computer which has your employee list and hours on it you don't put off paying your employees for two weeks- what a corporporation whether it be the Hilton or another organization should do is until the problem is fixed is use the old time machine as used before computers and if they have to pay their employees daily so they have money for the basic needs to survive. I'm also writing to my senators and governors to make a new law stating if an act of God affects a person's monthly income they can not be evicted from their residence. Also this person went all over town to different churches and community organizations asking for help. In fact one church refused him help since he wasn't a member of that church. The churches and volunteer organizations need to stop making assumptions- just because the first 500 people who ask for your help went to buy beer, cigarrettes or a prostitute doesn't mean the 501st person will do the same. About a month ago I tried finding $5 for medicine - I went to 9 organizations around the area and received no help. I only received help from 2 friends as I stated I have two choices: Skip the medication or rob the pharmacy and they knew I meant it. I wonder what our leaders would do if they had to choose between these two items. Let's stop playing the game of pass the buck and really help the people in need. Finally one shall not have to me a member of a church or community volunteer organization to receive help. Did Jesus before he healed a person ask them if they were Christian, Jewish, Pharisee or Saudacee and the answer is no -the same with feeding the 4, 000 people with the 7 loaves of bread and a couple fish- did he tell his disciples before feeding the person -Is he becoming Christian and the answer is no-he fed everyone. If this community does not improve in it's ways of helping people who really need it -then there will be a lot of people in the "goat" line- (Paraphrased): "He who has not helped the least of my brothers has not helped me." Finally would community leaders and church ministers/pastors like my thinking: I'm not going to donate to this Baptist church as I'm just a Catholic visiting with a friend"


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