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Well, even after a very fair use of the service. Voipblast start charging all my calls pretending FUP exeeded. Just avoid this company.

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  • Po
      14th of Feb, 2011

    I´ve made 12 calls in four days since I opened my account. Seven of them have been to landlines, which are supposed to be free. The calls duration was about 1-2 minutes.
    Today I made a call to a landline, and they have charged me for it. My use has been anything but abusive...their TOS is abusive, I think, which leaves the Fair Use Policy as something subjective and unconcrete.
    The funny part of this is that I was evaluating voip for my company which makes big expense in phone calls. They have lost a big customer.

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  • No
      22nd of Jul, 2011

    They are doing a big scam. I had the same issue. Following website says max free mins per week is 300 mins. But they started charging me from around 180 mins. Also it is hard to find any information from their site. The Q&A is a mess, no search function even. I went through all the Q&A to find the answer. But it says to refer to the website (No need this type of Q&A!!). Then I questioned the service desk and they did not answer my question directly. I think they are doing a scam. I will go back to Skype. I came to VoipBlast as this is a bit cheaper. But the sound is terrible and doing scams, so I am tired of this company.
    Also the following site was mentioning the free days are 120 days. But I only got 90 days. I questioned this as well. Then they have changed the number in the website to 90. That is fine if it was their mistake. But they have to clearly answer me saying that was a mistake and now it is corrected. The main thing I do not like them is unclear information and bad sound quality.

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  • Gu
      14th of Aug, 2011

    Do not use VoipBlat. They are lying. They do not let you make free calls more than 20 mins per week. They start charging you after that. I was trapped. The voice sound is bad. And their customer support is terrible. They do not reply you if you question related to those lies.

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  • Sh
      30th of Apr, 2012

    Do not use voipblast. They have very poor customer service too. I am unable to recover my forgotten /lost password . even website says that password has been sent to your e-mail. But I do not receive any e-mail regarding password recovery...
    Very poor calling quality and very very poor customer service

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  • Mu
      9th of Jul, 2012

    their client on mac sucks, doesn't even let me log in. and why charge handling fee on electronic purchases??? this is ^&^%&^%&%, Do NOT use this company. stay with Skype OR Google Voice.

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  • Ar
      25th of Nov, 2013


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  • So
      19th of Mar, 2015

    My name is sohail.Id is sohail.jaral. using number
    0032465980313. When I call belgium mobiles numbers
    call start no voice from other side.only call charges
    and toon toon like this type of voice and call dropped. Plz solve
    my problem. I am in amesterdam Holland and calling to belgium mobiles numbers. Thank you

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  • Aa
      18th of Jul, 2015

    I have been a voip user for the last couple of years. The service was good but now it has become a pathetic and a garbage Customer Care Service. Charges 4 cent connection fee and there is no connection on many calls. At least 2 dollars they took this way (out of $10). There is many services better than this such as rebtel or G3.

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