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Voice Mail Service / bogus charges

CA, United States Review updated:
On my phone bill, a charge showed up for $8. 43 for a voice mail service listed under oan. When i called the number for questions, it said you can go to www. Cancelmyvm.com to cancel the service. I did not sign up for this service so i went online to cancel the service. On this months bill, there was another charge for $8. 23. I called the number listed on the bill [protected] and when the recording came on, it said i was calling [protected] and i ended up talking to a lady who was no help at all. She said she saw that the service was cancelled and that there won't be another charge. When i explained that i never signed up for the service, and wanted to know why there was still charges on my phone bill, she said that when i went online to cancel the service, the new bill was already processed!! I told her again that i never signed up for this service and she proceeded to tell me that they have my info. I asked her what web site i had supposedly signed up for this and she couldn't really give me an answer. . . She said i was probably at laurentel web site or maybe a website for free groceries and i probably clicked on it. I told her that was not very likely and that there better not be anymore charges on my next bill and hung up. I can't believe these people can add charges to your phone bill without giving you some kind of notice.


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  2nd of Dec, 2008
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I don't know how long the $8.43 has been on my bill also. I kept AT&T on the line and called the number and was told that I would receive a refund for 3 months. They said that we had to have signed up for it. After I hung up from AT&T I decided to call AT&T back and told them that they had better not place that bill on my bill again or I would cancel my service with them. The rep proceded to tell me that you can put a block on your bill that will not allow you to be billed on your phone bill by another company. The rep immediately did this and said I would not receive another bill from it. This is so outrageous. I would never have signed up for an additional voice mail and I certainly would not have had something billed to my phone bill. Our world of technology has created a whole new set of crooks. God help us.
  3rd of Dec, 2008
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I just found the 8.43 on my telephone bill this morning - I was outraged about it since I did not authorize it - I called AT&T and they said they would file a claim - I told AT&T that I would not pay this ever.
They told me to call this company and I did and I told the woman the same thing and told her that she better cancel because I wouldnever pay this amount unless hell froze over - I am so bad and I let her know this...what a scam...
  22nd of Apr, 2009
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We just got a bill from Verizon with an infobilling setup fee of $8.43 and a first month voice message & long distance fee of 8.23. My wife takes care of business while I play golf so she asked me about it. We already have full long distance coverage and neither of us would do voice mail. She called Verizon and they said I had signed up for it. They gave her a number 1-800-215-1961 which she called and they canceled it. They had my name and email and a date that I signed up. If I did I was in an interned induced trance. One more scam!
  22nd of Apr, 2009
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After reading all the complaints I decided to go into the "cancelmevm.com" web site and enter my information. I did and it claimed I would be canceled forthwith and that I had entered by printing a grocery coupon. This rang a bell since my wife was gone when this happened and I had printed a coupon for a Quiznos sandwich. No mention of anything else, just a free sandwich. The joke was there is no such thing as a free lunch. When I got to Quiznos they said I had to buy a drink and a bag of chips. I told them where to put it. I doubt very much if there is any phone service involved at all, just a scam and the fact that many people don't check their bills carefully. The Verizon is way too complicated anyway.
  3rd of Jul, 2009
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We too have just received our AT&T bill with two charges: One for $14.95 for billviaphone.com and a second one for $8.43 for mybillingservices. We are outraged that it is possible for companies to charge our telephone account without our express permission. Neither my husband nor I signed up for any services of any sort, nor recall printing out any coupons. AT&T told us we had to call both the companies and were not particularly sympathetic. I wish someone could explain to us how this can happen, but it seems like anyone with your name, address, phone number and an email address could theoretically be charging limitless amounts in this way.

Shame on AT&T for allowing this to happen!
  20th of Oct, 2009
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I got one of these charges from BillViaPhone.com for $14.95 a month. There's only a single line on the regular AT&T bill mentioning this. There's nothing on the AT&T website about it. You can cancel via the BillViaPhone.com or call them at 888-298-3724. If they signed me up for this without my consent, it's highly unlikely that they'll voluntarily stop billing. We'll see.
  31st of Dec, 2009
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laurentel voice mail / long distance - billed for services i did not request
United States

started getting billing for long distance service through windstream phone bills
  8th of Jan, 2010
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I got hit also by BillViaPhone.com for $14.95 on my AT&T phone bill, I told them I was not going to pay for something I did not order, and I wanted a block on this kind of scam on my phone bill, they told me only in CA and NV they can to do this, I say bull, I want a block service for this kind of scam, there are so many rip off out there. What a bunch of low lifes out there taking your money and AT&T let them do it. I say let's fight them and take them down. You would think AT&T would help there paying customers, there better not be a new charge next month, I will drop my home phone all together. I also called the BillViaPhone cancel number 866-383-3513 but could not talk to a live person, but the computer voice said there will be no other bills charged to me, I will have to wait and see, Check all bills you pay online.

Ely, NV
  12th of Jan, 2010
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I just received the same charge of 8.43 coming from Agora Solutions. Called "The Billing source" and obtained their number. So I called them and requested cancellation and credit for this because it was fraud, I spoke to someone named Elaine and she told me that the credit would be issued in one or two business days. Not content with that I asked her for a confirmation number which she gave me and then I asked her for something she did not expect... I wanted the name of the person who took the order... she said that my name appeared because of an application I filled out on line, but I wanted more and insisted on it so, she put me on hold. I called again and requested a supervisor, named Rachelle, and she went over "my application", verified my name and my address, (they used an address I had two years ago) and my date of birth which was of course incorrect. She also gave me the email address that "I" used to file the application and the IP address of the computer used. With all this information I am going to make a formal criminal complaint to a federal agency, because this has happened in the past and, as I can see, it has happened to a lot of people also. Now I don't think this is Agora's fault; but I do believe that in order to get clients, maybe one or more of their telemarketers is doing this using a list of clients form AT&T in order to get a commission.

As of AT&T, they just put in their billing the charges that other telecommunications companies present to them with proof of this application on line. I called them and asked to block any type of charges coming from any other of those companies, and they gladly did it - at no charge.

I recommend to do just that, call the company that is charging you and request a supervisor, ask to review your application and get the supposed email address and IP address and then file a formal complaint with a federal agency, because apparently, these people are not from the US.
  12th of Jan, 2010
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Anyone can file an internet fraud claim on line. Get all the information you can from the company that is charging you, ask them to get it from the application "you" supposedly filled out online : email address, date of birth, IP address, etc.., Then you can look up of the IP address at whatismyipaddress.com, there is an option to trace an IP address and a map . It will tell you which country, city, state, latitude and longitude of where the computer used is.. Once you have all this, you can go to www.ic3.gov and file a formal complaint. They ask you for as many details you have about the case. I have done it already and if we all do it those people commiting this fraud may stop, at least for a while.
  12th of Jan, 2010
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Just an aditional note: whatismyipaddress.com is not very exact, but it does not hurt to try it at least to give as reference when filing the complaint.
  24th of Feb, 2010
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I got one also. They are crooks .I would like to see them hung, and I would be more than happy to pull the lever.
They did this on a trash e-mail address that I consider trash crooks may use, but I dont let out my good e-mai address, so if a charge is made to this address it is a scam.
I dont dare use word to express my true feelings.
  1st of Apr, 2010
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me too
  2nd of Apr, 2010
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My boss had an unauthorized charge for a $14.95 voicemail box on his Verizon phone bill as well. Luckily I received excellent assistance when I called ESBI who handles the third party billing for Billviaphone.com to investigate the matter. Turned out an acquaintance of my boss who is a total sociopath and was deported to Greece back in 2007 established a voicemail via the Internet on my boss' phone. Scary!

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