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VodaPhone Limited / Bad after sales service

1 United States

I'm a foreign student in Glasgow. I have signed 18 agreements with 3G/months download limited in Oct 2008. The agreement said it's was 15 pounds per month, I can save around 3 pounds per months if I pay by direct debit card. Then, I have set the direct debit card. But it was not working till now. And they even ask for another 3 ponds as punishment for service charge (so, I have to pay 18 pounds per month. but the agreement only said I can save 3 pounds if I pay by credit card, I understand it like 15 standard rate- 3 pounds saver=12 pounds per month).
I have went to their store to pay and complain the situation. Sometimes they simply let me pay by my cash line. But next month I will get 6 pounds extra in my bill. The reason they told me is I didn’t paid by debit card in previous month. I was very patience deal with them for last 5 months, but I think they have reached my zone of tolerant, I cannot stand it anymore.
The first time complains is in Nov. 2008, the reason is they have over charge me for the download fee. I was surprise to see the service people cannot help, they ask me to call their call centre in the store to deal it by myself. Of course, nobody can help. I have phoned them for 3 times and nearly 2 hours. The last time, I have left my contact info. And ask them to call me if they found out the problem. As nobody replied me, I have written an email to them. The email is working very well. 3 different people have handled my case. The first bill's problem has solved. But afterwards, the email is changed to website complain. I tried my best to fill everything in their complicated forms, but at last it's said no valid. I did tried many times later, unfortunately, it's never working out.
As nobody can help me by email anymore, I went to the store again and try to explain the situation again and again (different people have handled my case, including the manager). At the beginning one people told me the debit card not working because I don't have money in my card. What a bull ###? I've got more than 5K ponds inside. Then, the servicegirl said they cannot help, because it's not their problem. What a bad attitude.
It’s having been 5 months, not only one or two months, I just cannot believe what I have encountered of the service in VodaPhone.
Now, I realise the service system and personnel attitude do affect the firms performance a lot.


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