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VodaHost / VodaHost web hosting service sucks!

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I ordered service, but I could not access my account because the password information provided was erroneous. I could only get information resent after signing in, which makes no sense whatsoever. I called for assistance the phones were busy and could not get through. I cancelled by email and about two weeks later I received an offer for assistance and was informed there would be no refund. A year later I get an email informing me that my account will be automatically billed to my credit card. I informed them the account had been cancelled and that I would sue for fraud if they billed me. I got the following response: [#MET-740591]: Re: VodaHost Invoice 61677

Date : Fri, Sep 14, 2007 01:33 AM

You are such an idiot you cannot tell the difference between an unpaid invoice and a paid invoice. We look forward to laughing at you in court.


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  • Da
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    They did very much the same to me, my account took several weeks to get activated at first. No problems with the password or user name. I was forwarded to a particularly rude site when I complained about their customer service, again one of many rude replies by this Brad guy.

    I too was billed again even though I requested no more hosting after their rude support sending me to a page that implied that they would like to "break their(as in my) legs."

    Worst support I have encountered, not because they don't know anything, but more because they are rude and arrogant, they also don't know anything which is perhaps their reasoning for being rude and arrogant.

    The only kind support I have had was in one out of five tickets to Sarah. The rest were rude. My other support tickets were all managed by Brad, as far as I know, this support system and perhaps the entire service may be run by a one man team.

    Their hosting is good if you wish to use it for basic html pages with images being the most advanced thing on the page. Sure, many businesses may have this basic setup, but they require fast internet connections and servers that are not overloaded with other customers processes running too. Basically a business requires fast hosting, while the user which shares a picture or two of their family doesn't. Vodahost is for families, keep it that way, I have not told you to avoid them, I have just given you my opinion.

    Person above, if you need me to be another unsatisfied customer in your data reference or whatever you may need in an attempt to get your money back, just post a reply and i will get back to you.

  • Sh
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    I agree!! This was the worst experience I've ever had with ANY company. They send back immature and rude emails and have NO live support anywhere within the company. I can't even begin to tell my story. It is way too long and I hope someone has the time and patience to sue this company for every penny. They don't deserve to be up and running. Taking innocent people for their money. If you go online and call the support # they give you, IT'S A JOKE and I've called 30 times and each time, they tell me that the operators are busy and to send an email.. anyway, I'm exhausted thinking about it but wanted to join the bashing team. I'm actually going to find every blog site I can to destroy their name!!

  • St
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    C'mon, it looks like the complaint and the negative comments have been written by the same person.

    Firstly, there is no phone support for Vopahost. So which phone lines were busy???
    Secondly,,Brad Costello would be suicidal to give such responses. He is not new from yesterday.
    I have been with Vodahost for couple of years and got excellent support. They have never been rude. The only thing I miss in Vodahosy is live chat or phone support but they do respond very promptly to support tickets. And their forum is excellent.

    Sorry man, I have troubles believing in what you say in your complaint and comments.
    I have a strong feeling that this complaint is made up. Are you perhaps promoting another hosting provider?

  • Se
      2nd of Mar, 2008
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    Once I paid for the second year of my personal business site, I suffered downtimes of OVER 40%! Support ticket was closed because the site was up at the time they looked at it, sent another ticket when I lost sales, closed that ticket since the issue was “duplicate”, phone support told me to submit more support tickets which were getting closed and THEN, when I went to the SUPPORT forums to ask where to find info to talk to a REAL person since no one was helping me, my post was deleted, as were the other posts asking about problems with my particular server (which it asks of you). I was banned from the forums for “complaining” and told to open yet another ticket which is STILL unanswered! While I just went to my site again and it was down for over another hour. They have an unsatisfactory record with the BBB with some complaints they completely ignored! They advertise on AdWords with “is Voda a good or bad host, read reviews” but it goes to their own boards and they delete negative reviews!

    BTW, conspiracy theorist above - there is a phone support line which tells you to submit a support ticket.

  • Do
      4th of Mar, 2008
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    Brad costello and vodahost web building site are frauds. I doubt if anyone has really been able to put up a site with them. Here is what Mr, Costello does:

    --Steals domains--I paid for two domains, one called 'Spirit of the'- he sold it to an airline company. I didn't know that he registers your domain in his name and will not transfer it back. He will not unlock and authorize my other domain called 'Outdoor'
    -He responds to all reference to his behaviour by posting lies and signing phony names. He fills up the reviews with his own lies.
    --Everything he says positive about bluevoda is non-sense. He and his company are scammers.

    I invite anyone who has been burned by him to contact me at '' to discuss what action we can take. It's time the guy was jailed--

  • Ri
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    I selected to pay for a full year in advance to host my new website for my company's new subsidiary. I was told by Bobby that it would take around 72 hours to transfer my domain to Vodahost. I contacted my old resistrar and got the domain unlocked and received the authorizatiion key. It has been over 30 days and my domain still has not been transferred. They canceled the transfer twice claiming that I did not respond to a verification email which is a lie. I check every email that comes into my business inbox. Now Bobby is telling me I have to get yet another authorization key to transfer the Domain. I emailed him back stating that I wanted to cancel my account and to send me a phone number and name of a manager or supervisor. I haven't heard anything back from him. My company had a similar run in with Vodahost in December of 2005. No money was lost but my company did write the CEO of the parent company complaining that one of their support personnel actually emailed a message to my company's management telling them to take their business elsewhere, so we did. Short memories and poor communications finds ourselves involved with this incompetent Vodahost company again. There is no phone support except for one number which is useless. For thos of you who has stated that Vodahost used your credit card without your authrization has a case for fraud that will result in someone going to jail on the federal level. If they refuse to cancel my account and refund my company's money I will join you in bringing this Vodahost into a federal court.
    AlternaCare Services, Inc.

  • Si
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    Voda host really does suck. I used them for 1 year and my site was down 3 times! Their excuses were very poor. Their customer service was horrible.!

  • Ry
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    The above Richard Brady's comments are false and without merit, if his company had a bad experience in 2005, why in the world did they come come back for more???? Please visit and you will see that his website is fully functional and hosted on our servers. His problem was that he continually did not did not respond to a verification email asking him to validate the transfer...when he finally did...his transfer was successful and he received full benefits of our services exactly as we promised.

  • Cl
      13th of Jun, 2008
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    Hi Guys,

    I have had one rough run in with Vodahost - My site had been wiped and i got the following explination:

    On 13/05/07, VodaHost Help Desk wrote:
    > Dear Valued Customer,
    > Server Voda14 ( experienced a mild freak electrical surge
    > which corrupted "fried" the mother board, and corrupted the hard drives,
    > this includes the primary and the back up drives. 10% of the 600 accounts
    > (including yours) on Voda14 have experienced complete primary and backup
    > data decay, Do to this fact, we have had to reset you account from scratch
    > to "Brand New" status. Please republish your web pages and recreate your
    > email accounts.
    > We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.
    > Always at your service.
    > VodaHost
    > Your Website People!

    When I said this sounded nonsene and to provide evidence of such a freak electrical storm being so isolated whilst backups were in process (also that they also need to watch their spelling/gramar) they replied with:

    >What form of evidence would you like?
    >Do you want us to send you the parts by US mail? Would you like to pay us for them? We are sending them into the >manufacturer's for RMA's as they are still under warranty, but if you'd like to take them off our hands in order to have evidence >that is fine.
    >Laura Dunkin
    >Customer Care
    >Your Website People!

    HOWEVER, to cut a long story short both myself and the company were just wound up and throwing our toys! They eventually understood how frustrated I was and that I wasn't out there to b**ch and moan about them, they credited me a years free service and have been friendly since. Their service may not be absolout top notch but for the price you pay its pretty damn good (and lucky that you even recieve service).

    Keep going Vodahost! I'm backing you.


  • Mi
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    They started suspending my domain, i ask them why, and agree i did something that was not allowed, i did some file sharing, As i read the sales letter i could just go cracy with traffic, unlimited ftp and more, so i had totally misunderstood the product

    But, it is okay, i accept, of cource my fault, i delete the shared files and they restart my sites (i have 5 domains) and bobby just told me the system would suspend again if my domains trig the automatic suspend function again, great, i feel this is great service, great support and i was a happy vodahost user. . so.. Two days latter they suspend again, i ask if i could get a list of latest files so i could check my sites a remove and find out why my account trig the suspend function.

    But they do not answer my tickets.

    And the support ticket system was down. Only the sales letter site is active.

    So i just wait, a few days, then i got this message:

    Voda answer: 'your account has been terminated...its too much trouble.'

    I have newer experienced so bad service.. I ask if i could get backup of databases, but no:

    Voda answer: 'too late..all deleted'

    Frustrating, i accept the fact that i did something that was not i okay, i was happy to get a suspend warning, so i could make a workaround, and fix this problem, but i do not accept or respect the sentence 'Its to much trouble'.

    So voda: if you are a serious hosting, give costumers a fair chance. Give a termination warning, set the sites offline, charge some money to help find solutions when a costumer did something to trig the suspend function. Not just terminate...

    How many trouble do you think i have now, after termination??

    And worst, i can't call you.. You have a support phono number on the sales site, but caling this number is nothing worth at all.. The same nice girl who make the sales talk i the sales videos just tell about the vodasupport ticket site.

    Calling the salles department, well what can i say, you have a great and proff. sales department, but the support department, maybe some of them are just lounging in a chair, i stead of working 'with' the costumers to make a win, win situation.

    Now, i will keep readers of this up to date with the domain transfer time, maybe they can do this as fast as they terminate. I am curious to this fast transfer experience..

  • Da
      1st of Sep, 2008
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    please can you help me out, after i concluded my web design, i intended to send publish it online but it was asking for username and password which i don't know what to fill in the box. i don't know maybe my domain is my username or my website address, please help me out

  • Re
      7th of Sep, 2008
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    I totally agree with all complaints. I had terrible experiences too with their so called support dept.
    I was not able to login for months and always got emails with strange solutions which didn't work. Result was no entrance to my email or websitebuilder.
    I also requested many times to stop my account(s) but finally they only send me the well known mail: we will bill you again! I didn't accept because I was not able to login and they send no solution others than unworkeble emails. The end of the story I had to pay and hopefully they will stop my accounts.
    Maybe it's an idea to make combine the complaints and former clients in order to make a fist or go to court.

  • Je
      14th of Sep, 2008
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    Yes Voda Host sucks bad. Brad is rude. He is so obnoxious. My website was down all the time. I would email them that it was down and then they would finally email me back a day later and looks fine to me. After I cancelled my account BRAD got extra obnoxious.

    Losers, total rip offs.


  • Ei
      19th of Sep, 2008
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    I agree with the writers point of view. I had lousy experiences with them after they have completely wiped out my account - saying I'm a spammer while providing no proof - You can read and comment about it on :

  • Ra
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    We purchased a domain and web hosting service in 2007. When the new invoice came due it stated for web hosting and domain. We paid this invoice in full September of 2008. We have the credit card statements to prove this. This company then took our money and within 30 days canceled our site and then sold our domain to another person. They said we could find out who bought it and buy it from them. I believe they have it and are using this as extortion. They say it is not their fault that the invoice gives the impression that the domain is paid by the wording. We have copies of all invoices. We never received a separate billing for the domain name. This is deceptive to anyone purchasing from them and intentional. They hold domain names hostage basically. To late I checked the BBB and found they have an 'F' rating. They don't give a damn about you as a customer.

    After several back and forth e-mails they tell us they will give a another one (different than the one we had) for free. We paid for this service so how is it free? The one they can give us won't do any good because our advertisement is for the previous one. They say to bad.

    Don't do business with these people...they are thieves. They will bill your credit card, take the money, cancel your site then tell you to bad so refunds sucker!

  • Vo
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    I am a vodahost customer and there service is bad, i mean just the customer service cause they don't have a big team to answer your questions. It takes 48 hours to get a reply from them and they say they provide 24X7 service. ### i sent them tickets to get help some were deleted or i don't know WT F happened to them. And if someone ever got my ticket they do the opposite for everything. I ask for a refund and there Terms say no refund. I say FU, But i don't wanna have a fight or a case with them. Every post or reply says one persons name which is the owner's.
    You try to post a complain in their forums' testimonials section and they say a moderator will approve and your post will be posted. So what now, you wait and their is no post. That's why in that section there's no single post that says i am disappointed with the vodahost. Every post says u rock and roll.
    Vodahost have all the features disabled in their c Panel, you cannot access SSH or if you ask to add something they say pay and we will add it. I mean something that is supposed be on the c Panel or needed on the server, why do i pay them to just click and add a script or enable features.
    Now i am looking for another hosting company that can give me support and provides more features.

  • Sc
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    Seriously..VodaHost hosting service is probably as bad as it gets. There response time is horrendous..My site was down for hours many times. I would get responses (hours later) asking for additional information to the problem.
    We'd go back in forth like such:
    "Me" My site is getting a 404 error?
    "Voda" Could you be more specific?
    "Me" My site is receiving a 404 error, douchebags?
    "Voda" Dear Sir, your not being specific enough?
    "Me" Well, when i type in my web address, this page comes up and it says "404"
    {2 days later} "Voda" Dear Sir, we are looking into your issue.
    I mean come on! These guys must get tons of emails every day. It was pretty comical though when i wanted to add a SSL Certificate. They emailed me back within a couple minutes with a link to the billing page so i may process the order. ### that. I told them i wasn't throwing any more money at them.
    If they were located a little closer to home. I swear, i would go in there offices and start laying people out.
    That's the problem with doing business with douchebags online. You can't just go there and take care of business the way it should be taken care of.
    Joke! Period.

  • Pl
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    Wish I had read all these comments on BlueVoda before I joined them. I HAD TO JOIN them as their software ONLY works if you use their service. After spending almost 4 weeks building my Website using BV I was so upset. I joined and figured well at least let me try them. Worse mistake as the 24/ 365 is so full of Sh**. There is no PHONE SUPPORT. Emails are answered within 3 to 5 days if you lucky and they never help. I am trying to get a refund so let's see how that goes but from what I read here it looks hopeless. STAY away from Blue Voda or you will be here complaining too. As for the ones who want to Rant and Rave here, we know you either work for them, or work for them so GET LOST!!! Any place that DOES NOT allow it's customers to write about how they feel without their comments being DELETED is borderline Dictatorship and sucks!!!

  • Pl
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    The only thing you need to do to be certain of what BLUEVODA is all about and not just take the comments here as the only proof is this... Go to BBB (Better Business Bureau) and you will see that they have an F rating. an "F"!!! and they have well over 32 complaints there as well. So for the two who want to defend BlueVoda and call the complaints LIES or whatever, what about the BBB's Rating? Is that made up? Go back to your cave in Bluevoda suckers!! What a shame too because their software is very easy to use and very easy to set up. Nevertheless their customer serv. and cost is the worst! Go daddy is not only cheaper but they have real phone support at all times. I have gotten live help each time I called them and their hosting is much cheaper. 14.95 for 3 months I believe. So Blue Voda... YOU Customer services SUCK!!!

  • K0
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    chekc this out- I have also expierenced probably the worst of all you guys with this company. This company sucks and I have created 4 web sites and never even got the money for creating teh hosting account for my customers. I buillt and created everything, domains, web sites, hosting, email accounts. i never saw a penny. i was supposed to get $70.00 per account i signed up. but what strange is that when hosting cost 100 for the year for my customer. and VH gives me $70.00 that only leaves them with 30. how can VH survive on 30 bucks per account. you see this is all way to fishy. i even looked there addres that you see advertised.. HAHHA

    well i goole maped that address and there is a address there. I even looked at it in the 3d live video feed and not only did i do that. but i reseached the property manager and look at all the current offices being rented well none of them had the words voda host or blue voda or anyting enternet conectied. in that building a lot of attonery offices. boy would they like to sue. i also talked with the property management for that building and they have never heard of a blue voda or had any enternet comany before EVER!!!

    so i reseached the phone number and it was traced to newarks and teh cell company is verison. plus the address of the company is in willington.

    well i got an email from RYAN who is a major support person for VH and he said that ddress is just for the office but there support team is in TENN and there servers are in texas...

    how intertesting is all this...There going down big of the guys whom calls himself tom finley, he says he lives in HI..well i asked him what part and he never replied. I looked up his name and it's "thomas finley" guess what that name is in the delaware which is right where the phone number links to...hes works for the univeristy there and its the same university that the phone number traces too..

    i want every one to trace there address and that support number and see what i mean...

    contact if you need help.

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