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Vodafone India-bangalore / Vodafone Security refund

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Hi have done a security deposit of Rs.3000 in vodafone postpaid connection to activate international roaming. At the time of deposit it was told to me that it will be refunded when i Am deactivating the roaming. My international roaming dint worked when I was out of India and they are not returning my security also after one month of deactivating the service also. Its more than a month that im visiting Vodafone store in Indiranagar Bangalore, and they are not refunding my security. Every time they have some Excuse. I am fed up of the Vodafone now. Please dont ever do any security deposite in vodafone for any type of service.

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  • Gk
      19th of Feb, 2008
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    I am looking for a Hutch prepaid shoppe counter In koramangala 4th block.
    I already have a Hutch recharge sim card, i havent used it for more den 6 months. I am asking the Executive 2 give me a recharge from the past 2 months but for no reason dis guy s not giving me the recharge..
    I am a channel partner for Airtel. Cld u kindly look in the matter and get the recharge done at the earliest

  • Av
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    I am a prepaid customer of vodafone with one year validity sim but my sim is not regonising properly when i insert the sim it shows in sert sim option in my mobile so please send me the details what i have to be done where i have to concern and am staying in marahatahalli please refer a vodafone store near to this place and waiting for u r reply.

  • Si
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    i am siva from pune.
    my sim is going to be expired on march 15th.
    i wsih to know is there any offer that gives 6 or 9 months validity

  • Pa
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    I am a prepaid customer of vodafone.I have through internet banking went in for a Rs.102 top up.My SIM balance has not been updated with Rs102.I have tried contacting customer service with no proper answwer.I am from Bangalore.My money has got transacted from my bank account.Pls clarify.

  • Gy
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    Vodafone India, Pre-paid Connection - SIM blocked since last one month - Non-existent customer service

    I purchased a pre-paid sim card from a local retailer at Bhimtal (Nainital), Uttarakhand on March 26, 2008 at a cost of Rs. 199 (SIM card no. 89916600006326500594). I submitted all the required documents (photo copy of my driving license and original official letter bearing my photograph for proof of residence as the house is provided by my organization). The SIM was activated same day so I purchased STD voucher and topup voucher of Rs. 200. Third day I got a SMS informing about lack of documents.

    I tried to contact the customer care without success (Till date I am not able to contact any of their customer care no.). On enquiring from my retailer, I was told that the documents have been returned as the same were not signed by me. I signed the documents; but after two days my SIM was blocked. It is in this position since then.

    It would have been a lot better for them and their customer, if Vodafone would spend a part of their advertisement campaign on improving their non-existent customer care and in-house procedures/infrastructure

    I tried their customer care through e-mail, but it was also equally useless. They do respond but did not provide any help. Their last response was an advice to re-submit the documents, which I did nearly 10 days back.
    Now I am repenting my decision to buy a Vodafone connection. I just want my money back.

  • Dh
      15th of May, 2008
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    Vodafone ... is the worst company or telecom provider in bangalore. Their networks really sucks, after so many complaints i have cancelled my connection my mobile number was 9986012928 - it was horrible and they can show u real hell, no proper customer care and its better to have a BSNL mobile than vodafone in bangalore. GUYS PLEASE DO NOT BUY VODAFONE in bangalore better buy some other telecom company ...
    VODAFONE - Network is bad.
    TATA INDICOM - Customer care executives are irresposible and rude.
    Please be careful when you do business with VODAFONE

  • Ve
      22nd of May, 2008
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    I have been a happy customer of Vodafone in Bangalore. However, they do not support toll free calls (they actually charge Rs.2 per minute) while Airtel is FANTASTIC at this. As a result, I end up paying Airtel 3-4K per month for ISD calls as well as for using the true Toll Free facility.

    IF YOU NEED TO MAKE INTERNATIONAL TOLL FREE CALLS, switch to Airtel and you will be happier.

  • Sh
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    I was a very happy Vodafone customer in Delhi but Vodafone Bangalore is a different story alltogether. The service is apalling (do they have any staff??). I have a prepaid connection (1 month old) and I have a plethora of complaints allready..

    1. The customer care number 111 perpetually carries the message that all CSRs are busy. THat's still ok - problem is it doesn't even put the user in queue. The recorded voice message simply asks to call back. In the last month or so, I have never got through to customer service - I don't they even have a call center, probably a single voice recorded message!!! Ridiculous...(believe me, once number portability sets in, I'm moving to Airtel actually if things continue the way they are, even before that...)

    2. Every day I get atleast 5-6 promotional calls (that too in Kannada, a language I don;t understand) - every day!!! I've saved the numbers and now just cut them when the call comes through. Needless to say minimum of two promotional messages

    3. I did an online recharge through my ICICI Bank a/c (the bank does it for free) for an amount of Rs250. My balance went up by Rs100. Nowhere on the INternet does Vodaone mention that it fleeces customers off60% of the recharge done online!!!

    I'm going to be very very careful about using this all likelihood i'll change it although it's painful to send everyone an updated number, I don't want my money to fill Vodafone coffers. They don't deserve it!

  • Ha
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    Hi.. im habeeb khan im looking for job like entry...

  • Dh
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    Recently i received a message saying that my bonus card worth rupees... has been activated and it will come to effect within 24hours. I was out of station and the mobile was switched off for some days and this was the first message i received when i switched the mobile on after reaching Bangalore. I hadnt requested for such an activation. when i called the customer care people they are saying they r sorry for the inconvenience and they will try to sort it out soon. and that it was a simple marketing message and all. i dont understand what these people are doing. in short, i lost the money. the offers they give also are worthless when compared with other connections.

  • Th
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    i want address

  • Ka
      10th of Oct, 2008
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    please dear vodafone fellows start up a TOLL FREE CUSTOMER CARE would be worthful for u as many customer can get in to ur people think it is worthless to take up a vodafone number.

  • Pa
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    Dear Sir,

    I want to like to change my old(3 years incoming) plan to post paid plan while please take this comment ot make chaange the plan.


  • Su
      31st of Oct, 2008
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    I lost my mobile and complained to Vodafone. They acted very fast and send me a new sim. However I have been struggling to get the same activated for more than 2 days. Everytime you call the 9811098110, one gets an answer that the same will be activated in next two hours. It is really pathetic and one cannot get in touc with senior people since this is oiutsourced to junior agents

  • Ka
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    Yesterday i rang up 111 ( customer care)... it was regarding re activation of my vodafone connection the guy instructed me to pay it through credit card for immediate reactivation & I paid through Visa Bill Pay, I asked him Particularly shall i pay it through Visa bill Pay ..he said surely U can sir with in 1hr max u phone will get re activated...! I waited for more than 3hrs & then i rang up again & demanded for reactivation but the kind of response i got was horrible...! i said like i am going to throw the sim card..he said surely sir u can...ur not the only customer to us we have million customers like you...! vodafone will not b under loss if u do so...& then i replied like boss ur not doing any favour to us we are doing a favour by Taking this freeking connection..! he repeated the same to me & he stressed like vodafone is doing a fovour to u by providing a connection...! As if we wont find any other connection this simply Indicates the Height of Foolishness...!
    If we the consumers are not opting in for Vodafone..then vodafone is Nowhere..!
    But their moto is Happy to help when u experience it ...puuuffff..its not ..just an Fake statement...
    it has been almost 1 day now still its not reactivated...! I dont find a freeking sloution for this..! by Chance any Vodafone people Came across this article Kindly Contact me.. My Full Name is Kailash P ...! Defenately I am Going to Consumer court For higher Investigation on this Case. Untill & unless I get a proper explanation for issue ..I am going to Publish to this Article alll over the Internet. By that the People will b aware of the exact case.

  • Sh
      20th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    No vodafone signals
    My office is in masjid moth, uday park, new delhi, but there are no signal at all of vodafone, only airtel works here. all vodafone connection in my office are dead, this place is a commercial area even then the connection does not work, my no is 9899445847(postpaid), pls help or i should also discontinue...

  • Sv
      18th of Jun, 2009
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    Vodafone sucks.. Its customer care that is pathetic.. Do not ever try understanding the problem and start behaving rudey and you will feel like not calling them your life long.. do not ever call their customer care.. Its my humble request.. Try to change your connection

  • Ru
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    Don't ever buy the Vodafone connection in bangalore. You might get the service in office but as soon as you enter into your house there will be hardly any signal. You can't make a call neither receive it when you are insiede the hosue. The service is very pathetic. I am having this problem since 3 years of now, I have cahnged my house couple of times in different areas but the experience is same.

    Go for "AirTel" or "IDEA", the best service in Bangalore...for sure.

  • Re
      4th of Aug, 2009
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    Out of my 10 years of association with vodafone, today was my worst and probably the last day with Vodafone.

    I had gone to your Indiranagar branch 2 weeks back to resolve an issue with my bill. As it was not resolved, I went there today to check out the status of my complaint.

    I was told by Pramila U (Store Incharge) to wait for 30 minutes. After waiting for 30 minutes, I told her to expedite the process. The lady was not ready to listen to me and started telling me that she can't give me priority treatment. My attempt to explain that I want her to expedite the process failed as she started shouting at me about my demand for priority treatment. The height of the insult was that she asked me to shutup and get out of the store in front of other customers. Thankfully few customers came to my rescue and suggested me to escalate this issue over the email. The lady was not ready to let any other vadoafone employee talk to me and didn't even provided me any escalation contact or complaint register. She kept on repeating that she is the manager there and no one else is authorized to talk to customers.

    I do agree that we had a heated argument and hence I told her to let some other senior member talk to me but she was not ready to listen and kept on saying that no one else is authorized to talk to customers.

    At last I backed out of the argument and waited for another 10 minutes. When no one came over to assist me, I tried talking to Harsha Aravind M. The guy however didn't even respond to my request and went into his cabin. This surely was the last blow to my self-respect and I came out of the branch.

    I have been associated with Vodafone-Delhi for last 10 years and Vodafone-Bangalore from last 4 years. I have never come across such shocking behavior with Vodafone-Delhi. I am not able to understand if this was one of the case or vodafone executives have been given instructions to handle customers in this manner. The lady was least bothered about any escalation.

    Gunjan Malhotra

  • Vi
      4th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Hi i want to change my postpaid vodafone to prepaid connection and regarding that i spoke to vodafone care center. They have told that it will take at least one month time .I have communicated in JAN now it is march So what is the procedure to take an action for this.

    Thanks in advance

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