Vodacom / service regarding my new contract

I took out a new contract at Game Paarl on the 3 of February 2017.
It is a Samsung phone + uchoose flexi 110 + a free router with 250mb a month.
It took them 2weeks and three days to active this new phone.
It is now 2 months and I still have no data on my router.
I call every second day Game Store with the question when I am going to get my data for the router.
They told me call back over two days.
I call Game Paarl Manager.
They give me a person with a name of Charlton that do all Game Store Paarl activation.
I spoke to him, very helpfull, after two weeks he does not answer my calls anymore.
I call Vodacom Customer Service they tell me they can't help me Game must active the router.
I call vodacom activation department, they told me they can't help me, I must go back to Game Store.
I told them but I can`t because they don`t know how to active the router or they don`t know how to do theire work propely.
She tell me, sorry I must go back to the store.
I am almost 24 years a costomer of vodacom and now when I want to get for my kids also a vodacom account I receive this kind of service, it is unexceptable.
J. Lategan
For more info about the new contract number please phone me.

Mar 30, 2017

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