Vodacom Red Vip / unjustified cancellation charges

Bloemfonein, South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 0823399210

I phoned Vodacom today on 082 1946, to request a quote for the cancellation of my contract due to financial implication and needs that have changed. I was quoted R 19 191.73 to cancel my contract pre-maturely. I feel that there is only to things I'm left to do if they quote me that enormous amount; 1.Not use or pay the account. 2. File an appeal against the contract in court, which will have more costs to it.

Why do Vodacom not realize that they are creating a bad name for themselves and making people poor by not being bendable with they're contracts.

I mean; I get unlimited calls and SMS's and 5 gig data per month for +- R2500 per month. I if cancel, why do I still have to pay for a servise I do not use? The handset is +- R500 per month. It leaves me with a R2000 per month that I am not using.

I want to have good credit score but how do I keep it like that if I cannot afford it?!

I know about the 75% and the T&C's and all that, but why should it applied to a contract payer which wants to cancel one of the contracts at Vodacom (Have 6 contracts with Vodacom)

Do I then need to cancel all my contracts with Vodacom before they try to help?

Probably just venting because I know that no reaction will be given. Just the standard copy paste from the T&C's and who to phone- which will also confirm the same said in the T&C's.


Unhappy Customer

May 25, 2015

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