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Capetown, ZA
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Went into the Vodacom shop in Longbeach Mall, Noordhoek 7975, Capetown, to ask whether I could use my free minutes to phone Telkom 0860 numbers and was told straight off, no ! I was told I could only phone Vodacom to Vodacom for free. I then said but why then could I call Capetown 021 numbers and was told no I could not. I explained that I phoned these numbers frequently and they were covered by the free minutes. I said I do not believe you to which the assistant said ask him pointing to the one or another of the 5 or 6 attendants in the shop as no other clients were in the shop. I said no, you ask them as I am dealing and talking with you. After a lot of backwards and forwardsing between the others it transpired that as I have a Vodacom Smart S package that I could call these 0860 numbers using the free minutes.
The whole staff were completely disinterested, unhelpful and unprofessional. I was there around 15.00 today 2 Dec. Please jack up the service staff there.
I have been a Vodacom client via numerous service providers since the 1980's when cell phones were introduced to RSA. My cell # is 082.882.2690.
Thank you, James Hillsdon

Dec 02, 2016

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