Vodacom / phone repair

Delmas, South Africa
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I booked my Phone in by Delmas Vodacom on the 6 July 2016 for repairs, on the same day I asked that the phone must not be send back to me must just send me the quot so I can do the payment so the phone can be fixed. On 19 July I called Vodacom Repair Nelspruit they told me that they did send the quot to Delmas Vodacom, got there they say the couldn't read read emails because there is fault on there email I have to phone Vodacom Nelspruit ask to send the quot to me. Ruth send to me & told me if I do not pay today, it will be send back, payment was made on the same day and emailed to Ruth. 28 July called Nelspruit, they would get back to me no 1 did. 29 July called in again after I fight they fine let me know the phone is done & on it's way back. Up until today I did not receive a phone call only 1 sms that the phone is booked! Personally I think that is pore service!

Jul 29, 2016

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