Vodacom Mall @ Reds & Mall of Africa / contract application - data sim only deal

South Africa

Good day,

I applied for the 10GB + 10GB sim only data contract first at mall @ Reds. My documents were requested for vetting. Renette, who was assisting me uploaded in complete documents. Application form was missing my signature somewhere and the bank statement did not have all the pages. She clearly did not check and just uploaded.
This all happened on a Sunday. She promised to call me the Monday to inform me of application status.

I waited for the call and eventually called the office later on the day. I then found out that Renette was on leave for the coming weak and did not leave the application with anyone. When the lady checked for me, she saw that the uploaded documents were not complete and so she would have to reupload the documents.
She then asked me to go get the latest bank statement (I had given a statement up until July'18 as this was what FNB had emailed me). As it was late in the day I was not able to provide this bank statement.

I then decided to cancel my application with this store as it is far from where I work. I took my papers and asked the lady to cancel application.
The Tuesday I went to Vodacom mall of Africa and dealt with Sabelo. He told me he was not able to initiate the application as he needs vodacom mall @ reds to cancel the application - even after requesting cancellation, this was not done.
From Tuesday till Thursday around 4pm, Sabelo was not able to proceed with my application as he could not reach the people at Vodacom mall at reds.

I then googled the contact details for mall @ reds Vodacom and immediately got through to them. I asked for application to be cancelled and they did it.
Question is why Sabelo from mall of Africa would make Vodacom's internal structures to be the client's problem? It's worse that I was able to go through using a number that I got off google.
Why is there such lack of helping customers?

I'm totally dissapointed at this kind of service. I want to know what will be done to both Renette and Sabelo.


Oct 25, 2018

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