Vodacomdata bundle was not received

On the 31st of January I bought 100mb at 12:41 pm and it was activated, I got home later that afternoon and turned off my mobile data because we have uncapped wifi so there was no need to have my data on whilst I was home.

My data had been off all day because I had been busy with children at school, I had left my phone in my bag and when I eventually took my phone out at about 12:30 and turned on the mobile data for the first time since the previous day, I saw there were numerous messages saying my data bundle had run out, I checked my balance and saw that i had not received my R200 which I usually get each month as per contract!! There were no open apps so I don't know why my balances are 0.00.

This is absolutely ridiculous, I can't do anything with my phone unless I'm in wifi, I am going back to University this weekend and I need this issue resolved because one can't work like this! There is not wifi all over campus and I just find this unacceptable seeing as we pay quite a lot each month for this contract and now I have not got any data this month! So we have actually paid for nothing.

I went into my local Vodacom store to see if they could see what was going on and they informed me that there seems to have been other complaints regarding this issue these past few days at many different vodacom stores.

I would like to know how you are going to resolve this issue, am I going to be reimbursed my R200 airtime or what would you suggest? Being a student I rely on this airtime each month so that I can buy my data in order to research varsity work and contact people whilst at university and this is now a major issue in my life.

hope you can provide a solution to this before I get back to university.

Sarah McKenzie

Feb 02, 2017

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