VodaCare RustenburgRepair of cellphone

I took my Sony Ericsson in for repair at the vodacare shop waterfall mall Rustenburg. I waited 3 days for the quotation and decided to reject the quote of R600. (The phone is still under guarantee) After 3 days the consultant phoned me to fetch my phone and I had to pay a rejection fee of R57. I was in a hurry so i took the phone without inspecting it before leaving the vodacare shop. When I got home I realized that none of the screws that were removed by the technician was replaced. I phoned the VodaCare shop and complained about the problem. The lady told me to come in when ever i have the time and the problem will be fixed. I was only able to go today, 2weeks after. The phone is now even more damaged because of the cover being loose that protects the technical parts. The walkman button got lost, and this all because the technician didn't put the screws back. When I explained my problem, the consultant told me that the technician said he never removed the screws and that I did it myself. So I asked her why would I tell a lie like this. And she said she'll be right back. She went to speak with the technician again and he decided to replace the screws but I have to wait between 3 and 14 days. I told the lady that when I brought the phone in it wasn't really damaged that i couldn't use it. It was just switching itself off sometimes. So it was in a workable condition, but now it's totally broken. I left the phone there and i told the consultant that i expect them to fix what they have caused to brake and i left. I feel that this is very bad service.


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