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vodacare / telephone repair

1 South Africa Review updated:

On the 6th January 2009 I took my 2 and a half year old Palm Treo 650 to the Vaodacre shop at Paarl Mall for non warranty repairs. The telephone function on my phone would not activate / switch on. I received no rceipt or confirmation that the phone had been handed in to the Vodashop. The next day - 7th Jan. I contacted by Vodacare Tygelvalley and informed via SMS that my phone would be sent to Jo'Burg for the neccesary repairs. I phoned them for confirmation which was forwarded to me immediately by Janine via an e-mail. On 23 Jan I was notified by SMS that my phone had been repaired and was ready for collection at Paarl Mall. I collected the phone from them on Monday 26 Jan and paid the repair charge of R799.00. The phone would not switch on when I collected it from the Vodashop and it appeared that it needed to be charged. I took it home and charged it overnite, but the next morning the phone would not work either ! I immediately returned the phone to Vodashop. On 16 February I tried in vain at both Vodacare in Tygervalley and Vodashop Paarl Mall to ascertain when my phone would be ready. without any sucsess. I encountered a really disturbing " could not care less" attitude at Tygervalley Vodacare ! When I informed them that I would persue the matter further, I was told that I should go ahead ! The staff at Vadashop in Paar Mall - Lerisha - did not bother to return my call after promising to investigate the matter and getting back to me. To recap, the current siduation therefore is the following : My phone was handed in for repairs on the 6th of January 2009. The repairs were purported to have been completed on the the 23rd Jan. The repair bill was settled, in full on 26 Jan. On the 17th of February 2009 - 6 weeks down the line ! - I am still waiting for my phone to be repaired and no one seems to able, or interested in informing me as to how much longer this could take ! This attitude seems to me smack of monopolistic, corporate disintrest ! I do however beleive that my rights have been compromised. How can you charge someone for a repair that was not properly done !

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  • Mi
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    I have had a similar experience.

    Vodacom Westgate (Gauteng) have had my Sony Ericsson phone for minor repairs for aout 2 months. During these 2 months I have had the phone back once, for a week, before the same problem occoured.

    Every time i get told my phone is 'ready for collecion' I drive out to Westgate (about 35km there and back) only to get dissapointed with a phone thats not been fixed, or fix and put back together poorly. I paid the bill of R600 the first time I went to collect.
    Aftr the forth time I went to collect my "repaired" phone I test it and the same problem occours. I have taken up the problem with the manager and phoned all the numbers but nothing seems to have been done. The 'I dont care' attitude in the shop is appauling and n-one seems to care.

    Today i got it back again and the problem had been fixed, after trying to dial a number i realised that majority of my numeric keys and softkeys were faulty (these were not the problem i had when I gave the phone in). Now i have to drive all the way there and give my phone in for a 5th time. Im greatly annoyed by the shocking service and even worse customer care in the shop. The repairs seem to be done half-heartedly and dont ever last long. The phone has never come back repaired properly, the workmanship is terrible.

    Vodacom has not lived up to its 24hour policy and all promises made have never been kept. I have the name of the tecnition who was ment to fix my phone, he has never phoned back when promised, despite my constnt phoning, i hve yet to receive any calls from him.

    Does anyone know what acion can be taken against this? Its only a matter of time before people start posting complaints etc. on facebook and other social websites, then its going to be up for the whole world to see.

  • Ar
      21st of Feb, 2010
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    I also faced the same problem. I bought HTC s710 from incredible collection at waterfall mall(rustenburg) on august 2009 . I'd faced alot mf problem like sim card missing error, screen blank, battery drain, . It is still in warranty so i handed it to vodacare near waterfall mall. But totally 3 times i got my phone back with out any results. Actually they just returning the phone. Ive still 17month warranty. Guys pls tell me wat to do. Email me @

  • Da
      20th of Mar, 2010
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    I have had my sony erricson phone now for nearly 2 years, and untill then i have had endless problems with my phone. ive literally lost count on how many occasions ive sent my phone for repairs. The phone automatically restarts by itself evn when im on a phone call, it does this continuously that frustration is not even the word to explain it. This current phone i have is the 3rd new phone of the same model and yet it still has the same problems.Vodacare in alberton had informed me that the phone was repaired but yet after 3 phones still the same nonsense.I told vodacare that i was very unhappy about this phone that i am paying every month for a phone that barely works and just gives me headaches, i demanded that i wanted to cacel my contract or recieve a new phone of the same value(different make of phone) but was told that i would have to pay for cancelation. I am so frustrated that i even want to open up a campaing letting sony erricson that their products are faulty and not up to standard. What do i do? stick it out n carry on paying for aphone that barely works or what? please assist me on this matter, i have realy had enough of people waisting my time and patince.thank

  • An
      29th of Jun, 2011
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    I agree. I handed in my x10 for warranty repairs and i was told the battery was broken and not covered under the warranty, i proceeded to buy a new battery at R890 and the phone was still not working. Now i can't get an answer from anybody except that its the repair facility that told them what the problem was and they can't do anything and i must sort it out myself.

  • Re
      18th of Aug, 2011
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    vodacare - Poor service
    United States

    I took in my phone for repairs about a month ago with vodacare (14 March 2011) and the people fixing it did not call me to inform me of what was happening. I was the one following up on phone and everytime i called i was told that by friday they should be done fixing my phone which is was blatant lie because till this day i still dont have my phone with me. Last friday i called and again was told that they will call me after 4 till today they have not called . I just called vodacare and they informed me that my phone wont be fixed under warrant and i will have to pay . I dont have a problem paying i just need to know when were they going to call me to tell me this ? I am very dissatisfied with the service i am receiving at the VODACARE IN PRETORIA CBD.

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