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VividStreamDesign.com / Online scam

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I ordered a website from Vividstreamdesign.com, i was told i would have it in 2 weeks, after 4 months, I still never got a website. They do not have an office - and they do not build websites - they are using a copyrighted template of someone else's company to get business - then they subcontract the work out - which is why they have such a hard time actually producing the websites. They started as a porn company and couldn't make money, so they copied the business model and made an exact replica of the website of the guy who did their porn website, which is also illegal - Vividstream.com was their porn site, it now links to vividstreamdesign.com. They use illegal scripts on the websites that they build - which means instead of legally purchasing a program, they download them illegally off of hacker sites. I have already reported them to the BBB and the attorney general. Demand your money back from them and if they do not give it back-file a lawsuit. I highly suggest not using this company. The owner's names are Christopher Alesich and Robyn Alesich and Kenny Levi. Type in cralesich in a search and you can find the hacker sites that he uses to get programs.


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N  1st of Apr, 2009 by 
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VividStreamDesign.com - scam
Vividstream Website Design
United States

I also had a similar experience with VividStream.
They agreed to create a website for me for $1000.00. I was charged $500.00 deposit with a promise that I would be presented with a design for my approval in 2 weeks. I was also promised that the Website would be finished before Christmas. I never did see any design from them & they kept calling to appologise for the delay. In the meantime they charged my card another $500.00 and said that it was automatic billing and promised again that the design was almost competed. Then AGAIN they charge my card ANOTHER $500 dollars at which point I disputed the whole thing with my credit card company and got my money back. YOUR NOT GOING TO BELIVE THIS>>>> NOW I have some collections agency saying that Vivistream says that I owe them $249.99 (where did they get that number from?) . THey have been calling & sending letters in the mail threatening to ruin my credit if I dont pay them. This all began in July 2008 and it's still going on. I still get emails from vividstream, their spam mail propsing to create a professional website.

I am going to find out who to contact about Them. The Better Business Beauru?

Beverly Johnson
D  3rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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As a matter of fact most of this information is False, It is True That this customer contacted the BBB and the State Attorneys office. As you can see we have had only one complaint in the last 4 years of operation. The Complaint indeed did come from this upset customer...

Our company as well as most other web development companies Require a 50% deposit, Of which this customer paid... We Offer a total of 3 revisions with out charging extra, this customer had a total of 8 and was never charged extra, all were done according to scope. Once the project Was Deep into development around 75 to 80% complete, this customer decided they did not want to continue the project and demanded they monies back. All of our Projects are Started From Scratch, We do very little work from premade scripts and templates. As a Company with a Extreme amount of Over Head, And Being that the project was over 50% completed, with just the deposit paid, this customer was not eligible for a refund.

Our Company strives for 100% customer Satisfaction, And Most Are happy with the Very loyal and dedicated work we offer.

Unfortunately we can not make everyone happy.

As For the Other Information, It is indeed False.
N  3rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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This Client emailed and called at the most 3-5 times. Her site was being worked on until she pulled the project. There was an error in our billing account and this is why there was additional billing, When projects are canceled after the start date there is an amount due. According to our terms and conditions for monies that are paid to our developers. The dispute was issued, and agreed had this client let us know that she was not happy we would have worked with her and explained why she was sent to collections. However, we have not heard from her nor been able to reach her.
N  4th of May, 2009 by 
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Interesting. I get a boatload of spams from mail.vividstream.com -- or perhaps from sites they set up?

They all get dutifully reported to spamcop.net. There are a handful of servers I recognize as real spam-barfers ... and this is certainly one of them.
N  4th of May, 2009 by 
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Given that I receive spam on a regular basis from mail.vividstream.com, I guess I would have to agree that y'all are busy lil' beavers.

But happy? No, I wouldn't say I'm happy.
A  25th of May, 2009 by 
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There are multiple reports of Vividstream doing this across the Internet, and what's more, I'm getting slammed with spam that says it's from Vividstream, even after they got tired of being reported to various authoritative parties for it and told me that the spam would stop. This company reeks of being quite unethical, regardless of the rebuttals they present, and using legal terms such as "defamation" and "slander" to reference mail that never left private communication seems to be icing on the rotten cake. You can pour sprinkles on a turd, and it's still a turd.
D  5th of Jun, 2009 by 
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Your post has nothing to do with this client. It is defamation and we have the attorneys to back it up. You can think as you choose we have many happy clients with our company, Our company is ethical and if you have asked to be removed form our list you have been removed.
A  5th of Jun, 2009 by 
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Vividstream, to hell with you and your attorneys. A cursory Google search shows reports of your business spamming people. Libel and slander and defamation do not apply to material that is clearly presented as opinion rather than fact, so sue your bloody buttocks off. It costs tens of thousands for your stinking attorneys you're threatening me with to come after me anyway. You don't have that kind of money to blow on one individual comment, and I know you don't. It would be an utterly stupid business decision. The simple fact that you had to threaten me with your attorneys shows what kind of business you operate to the readers of this thread. You need to learn some serious customer service skills, because no company that wants to stay in business takes such a hostile stance on any publicly accessible and searchable medium. I don't have to elaborate; you are always your own best advocate, and we can clearly see how you have chosen to handle it.

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