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My name isTara Nelson-Davis and I purchased 4 tickets . I paid $144 for the first two tickets and $169 for the other two tickets the order numbers are 5610852 and 6965312. The concert was postponed due to her pregnancy and I chose to get a refund. I initially contacted vivid seats and requested a refund for the four tickets on April 14th. Vivid agreed to refund the money back to my credit card but that account was closed and I explained that to the vivid representative. The vivid representative explained to me that they would only be able to credit the amount to my PayPal account, which I told her would be fine. As of April 14 only 2 of the 4 tickets were refunded to my PayPal account which was $144. I have been going round and round with vivid over the $169 that I have not received for the other two tickets. Your customer service supervisor "Hunter" says "there is nothing they can do because the refund was sent to the credit card that I used to purchase the tickets but as I mentioned in my letter, that credit is CLOSED and I also told Hunter the same thing. Hunter says according to the accounts department, the refund went through. I then contacted the bank to ask if funds could be accepted on a CLOSED account and I was told no. I was also told by the bank if that happened, the refund would be rejected and sent back to the sender. I can't get anyone to resolve this matter, so I hope you are able to help me. I feel this mistake was made by vivid representative and you all should correct your mistake by refunding the $169 to me
Thank you

May 3, 2017

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