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Vivian Sanches / Kidnapping using jurisdictional

1 Klamath Falls, OR, United States

She's a crooked witch who lies and lies even more ensnaring people into confusing tactics and helped in the kidnapping of my daughter from Arizona to Oregon. My daughter was on a one month visit to see her father. Her first extended stay, meanwhile Valarie, a personal friend of Zachary P. Dunlap (father of our daughter) helped in crafting fictitious claims stating our daughter had been residing in K Falls Or. for six months, when in reality she had been there less than sixty days. She did this to get around the Jurisdiction Laws and also would send me court documents with the wrong address attempting to confuse records via mail. She has no problem lying in a court of law to use tactics to defraud parental rights and legally took part in the kidnapping of my daughter Adriel Dunlap.

For the record, i hope no parent or child ever should suffer the pain of parental alienation and in due tome true justice to people who aid and abed criminal activity via court systems to practice unfairly and rob children of their contact of Parental rights using law to separate families .

You should be ashamed of yourselves both you and Zachary Dunlap and anyone who harbors Adriel from her family in Az.

Adriel left our home in Az. 11-11-2011 and never has returned. It has been 5 years since ive seen her and have no knowledge of her address, whereabouts, no phone contact and her family keeps her from us due to their own selfish reasons that are subject to be investigated.

She is now 9 years old and we desperately miss her .

Valarie Hedrick aided and a bedded in the illegal kidnapping of my child for her personal friend Zachary Dunlap by all means necessary, and in the end i pray for truth, justice and swift recompense to anyone who has taken part in this kidnapping, parental alienation and any abuses done to my child.

This is now brought to a higher court of truth and justice that is solely in the kingdom and name of Jesus Christ, the ELOHIM OF YISRAEL! My Yisrael..

Nov 5, 2016

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