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On the weekend, while viewing holiday accommodation options on the net, a pop-up for acai berry appeared. I thought I would have a look at the ad. as it offered a free trial.

I filled in my details requesting a sample and for which no payment other than postage was required.
The following day, not one but three charges had been deducted from my account. Two of these charges were for $7.95 but the other was for $70. I have not received any products at all, (not even the samples) and have phoned and emailed Viv3 Labs constantly over the last two days. The response from the call centre is absolutely useless and the email response is below.

I strongly urge anyone who has been fooled by Viv3 Labs to lodge a formal complaint to the authorities in your city. Viv3 is just one of the companies run by

the others are as follows:

LB Cassiopeia Media Limited
118 Fines Park
Annfield Plain
Co Durham
United Kingdom
BPR Services Limited
118 Fines Park,
Annfield Plain, Stanley,
County Durham.

***This is an automated answer from an unattended email address. Please do not

***Il s'agit d'une réponse automatique à partir d'une adresse e-mail sans surveillance.
S'il vous plaît ne pas répondre. Communication en français ci-dessous***

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us. We do not offer customer support by email. For immediate
personal assistance please contact us by phone:

- English live call centre representative at [protected] (UK - Toll free) or +44 203
139 9027 (International number);

- French live call centre representative at [protected] (France - toll free),
888.325.8623 (Canada toll free) or + [protected] (International number).

Best Regards,

Viv3 Labs

Customer Service


This is very serious stuff. Fraud on a grand scale. Imagine how many of us have been ripped off. Please send your complaints through to Scotland Yard if you are in the UK or the FBI if you are in the United States. Aussies should notify the Federal Police.

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  • Jo
      Jul 29, 2009
    VIV3 Lab - Free trial scam
    England, Warwickshire
    United Kingdom

    I stupidly signed up for th so called "Free Trial" and although read through the Ts&Cs did not register about the monthly 'subscription'. After reading online about another consumer who had been caught out I double checked my bank statement to find out that 2 consecutive payments had been taken each for just over £75.

    I have contacted my bank and stopped the card, also have now received so called monthly shipment (well after payment had been taken) and have contacted the 'Customer service' (for what it is) to cancel this order.

    Please do not fall into the same trap or you will find it an expensive one. I have been told that there will be no refunds! Also be prepared for an overseas customer service line.

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  • Mr
      Jul 31, 2009
    VIV3 Lab - Unauthorized payment
    Free Akai Berry Tablets
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 020 [protected]

    I took a promotion of Akai berry tablets free on Internet, where they only mentioned to pay for PP and I paid with my debit card, after 2 months I noticed on my statement 2 payments of £ 74.10 which I have never order and I never authorized them to do. I call my bank and we are trying to sort it out but it's very distressing and time consuming. I will never order from any free promotion again is definitely a scam and I will advice people never to buy those akai berry or any free promotion, they are simple scam... and they don't work!!

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  • Su
      Aug 06, 2009
    VIV3 Lab - unauthorised deduction from credit card and horrible customer service

    I applied for a free sample for acai berry and life cleanse from them. the webpage stated that all i was paying for was the shipping for the sample. i got a charge of over 200 dollars from them today. i didn't even know about it until the bank called me up and cancelled my card. i tried calling their customer service number but got hung up on twice by their representatives. they refused to refund my money.

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  • Na
      Aug 17, 2009
    VIV3 Lab - unauthorised taking of my money
    viv3 lab
    United Kingdom

    I ordered a sample product, but in the terms & conditions you are asked to cancel more product if not wanting more within 15 days, I tried to email this company, but it must have been an unattended box. If a company has a website they should have an email to be contacted on. the only way of contacting them is by phone and that isnt convenient when its a international call. I finally did this and they have taken a second unauthorised amount from my credit card. I am so pissed off as I now cant afford my next mortgage payment. I have had my credit card cancelled, so this cant happen again.

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  • Va
      Aug 18, 2009
    VIV3 Lab - SCAM!
    viv3 lab

    The people behind this company are the worst people I ever came across! People like this should have never been born on this earth!!!

    I called, the phone nr they provide - THERE IS NEVER EVER AN ANSWER!!!
    I try writing, I only get otometicelly generated mails telling me of course to CALL!!!

    We must bring this to all the tv stations all over the world! These people should be stopped since their mom's did not stop them yet!

    These people stole a total of 237.26 pounds from my account, that is after promissing me 2 products of a toatl of 11.96 pound...!!!

    I am a single mom on sick leave, this is the type cleanser I erally do not need in my life! Please help me to make sure we stop this company!


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  • Lu
      Aug 27, 2009

    I have recieved a response, whether it goes anywhere or not, I have yet to see. Keep emailing this company. The first response was an automated one that said no complaints will be processed via email, but i sent a second & go this...Thank you for contacting our Customer Service Department. Your query is currently being investigated by one of our Customer Service representatives. You can expect to receive a response from us within one working day. Please note that in some exceptional cases it may take up to two working days when we need to investigate the matter carefully before getting back to you with an answer. ... with a reference number. Not that I trust in this, but it is a response.
    also do NOT cancel your credit card without doing it through a credit card representative. You may incur the charges again on your new card because believe it or not, they are linked!!


    Keep at this company!!! Don't give up!!! Our hard earned money is worth more than their scammed dollars!!! Keep it in your pocket!!!

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  • Vi
      Aug 28, 2009
    VIV3 Lab - Scam company
    Viv3 Lab
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    I too stupidly got involved with Viv3 Lab, where by they took two unauthorised payments of £73.81 from my bank account - a total of £147.62, which was never agreed.
    The only goods that have arrived from them have been the free samples - no further product have arrived and no further goods have been ordered.
    Currently battling with the call centre where I was firstly fobe off with I will recieve a call from the refund department with 48 hours - no call, checked to see what contact # they have and suprise suprise they don't have one, so then informed I would recieve an email from the refund dept within 72 working hours (9 days!). No email so I call them again to be told it has been decided that I am not entitled to a refund!
    1. I haven't spoken to anyone or explained why I want a refund to anyone so how could they have decided that!
    2. I still have no further products to show for this money they have taken.
    I am now calling them on a daily basis (they are not helpful at all, the phone operator actually hung up on me today! I wasn't even raising my voice or gotten angry yet (saving that!) and submitted them to the trading standards.
    If anyone knows of anything else I can do please let me know.

    One really annoyed customer!

    ps the pills don't even work, I haven't lost a single pound on them to add insult to injury!

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  • Be
      Sep 02, 2009
    VIV3 Lab - Sent goods I did not order, charged to my bank account.
    United States

    I ordered free Acai Berry Detox & free Life Cleanse, which I received and payed for the postage, I then received a seconed lot of both and have been told I would be paying £79 for each product but £82.95 with postage for each product, which I had not ordered, I phoned my bank and was told that one lot of money had been taken for the berrys and had been charged £75.10, I have canceled my card, and the bank are trying to retreve the paid amount, I have been in contact with this company, and was told that the free products were for a trial of eighteen days, I never saw any such details or the cost of these products if I was to buy them, or received any conformation by e.mail of the second order, because I started to say I thought it was a scam I was cut off from talking to the operator the other end of the phone to this company, this happened twice, I think the addvertisers on line should withdraw this addvert. I have been advised by my bank to return the last order, and make sure I have conformation of the return of the goods to this company.

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  • Lg
      Sep 15, 2009
    VIV3 Lab - absolute con, acai tabs and colon cleanse tabs
    United States

    what a con don't buy into this. you get first bottle free then they take £150 straight out your account unauthorised. i am going to complain to watchdog and i have cancelled my bank card. what ever you do, DO NOT BUT THIS IT IS A SCAM!!!

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  • St
      Mar 17, 2010
    VIV3 Lab - Free Trial products

    My battle with Viv3 Labs has been on-going for 5 months now but I want to encourage all of you in the same boat, that I have seen progress. I bombarded several different e-mail addresses day after day with e-mails demanding a refund. I would give them specifics of what they charged me and when, and what name is what charged you may notice, they don't use just one name to rip you off!! I just sent each e-mail around 10x a day until I started receiving a positive response from them.

    I was out over a thousand dollars (CDN) and I am now fighting for the last $300 of that amount. I will give you the e-mail addresses that I used and I hope this will be helpful. Good luck in your pursuit of your money!

    clay.[protected]; [protected]; mitch.[protected];
    [protected]; [protected]; [protected]

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