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According to the website it is advertised that average installation costs for a very similar product ranges between $100-$200. Relying upon this advertising, I purchased a product from Vitasalus in the first week of May. This product was delivered about a week later. After getting plumbing quotes from four different companies, the least expensive being over $500, I returned the product under the 100% satisfaction guarantee. I called and explained the situation and got an RMA number from the company who promised to send me a check and shipped it back. It was delivered to the company on May 28th. I called customer service to request the status of my refund. Customer service was less than helpful, connecting me to their automated voicemail the majority of the 30+ times I have called. When I did get some help, they told me that it would take up to 30 days to receive a refund. I called on June 29th and was informed that they were not honoring the return shipping policy but would be sending me a refund of $698. These funds were already on a check on its way. I called back several times over the next week, asking for more information as the check did not arrive. On July 7th I called asking to speak to a supervisor, who informed me that no check had been cut, and no refund was due. When I asked for an explanation, he informed me that nobody was in the office who had more information. This is the same response I had gotten for the last few weeks. It has now been several weeks since they received the returned product, and they have shown no signs of cooperating with sending out a refund. It appears their goal is to frustrate customers into giving up before a refund is received with their customer service people who, upon hearing your call is dealing with a return, place you on hold without asking permission and transfer you to a voicemail no one answers or responds to.

I have since had the GREAT displeasure of speaking with Mr John Cloutier, who is the companies acting manager (though he will not admit to this). His brother, Robert Cloutier, is the VP (who is also a pompous ###). After jerking me around for ANOTHER 3 weeks when I was filing a BBB complaint against them, he had the audacity to LIE to the BBB about the nature of our interactions.

My experience with this company can aptly be described as 'hell' and I would suggest no one do any business whatsoever with this company - if you send them a DIME you will never see it again as their 'return policy' is really a red herring that they simply will not honor under any circumstances. I have read numerous other examples of this activity, and have come to the conclusion that this company exists only to perpetrate fraud against its customers. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, under any circumstances. If they can't be trusted with your money, how could they POSSIBLY be trusted with your HEALTH?


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      Feb 05, 2010

    WOW! I'm glad i saww this 1st. Now, where to go for a replacement of an old whole house filter system.? mike

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      Mar 16, 2010

    I am mystified by this individuals experience with Vita Salus. I ordered a complete water system from these folks last year, which I easily installed myself. The results of their products were miraculous considering the poor quality of my well. I have had numerous encounters with their customer service dept for advice and minor problem resolution and they have been agressively helpful and courteous. I am a real hard ### with respect getting what I pay for as many firms will attest but I will definitely continue to so business with these folks.

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      May 26, 2010

    I have also had problems with Vitasalus. I have been trying to cancel an order for the Arsenic Master AM-6 for over several weeks. Each time I call I am told the finance department is in a meeting and forwarded to an answering machine. The system has not been shipped and this was verified by Dave and Nick (Technicians). I was told they needed to verify the equipment had not been shipped out and as soon as they did I would recieve a full refund, this has been over a week now and still no refund! I was also told my creditcard would not be charged until the system had been shipped. Which was a bold face lie. Please look elsewhere for your water filtering needs. This company must not be legite.

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      Aug 30, 2010

    Vitasalus has no products that are certified for sale in the State of California. California requires proof for any health claims that would be made for a water filter and apparently the Vitasalus units do not meet those requirements.

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      Aug 31, 2010

    Give me a break! Could it possible be that this firm has not APPLIED for certification in the state surrounded by reality? Check your facts before you post.

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      Sep 19, 2012

    So let me understand this ... The filter system that has an IN and OUT and is by far the best filtration system bar none on the market today you returned because you couldn't get or didn't know someone anyone who could do the most simple installation since lego Well dear maybe the problem was with your location and your ### Over priced plumbers who figured they would hit a grand slam with you in your wallet . your obviously NOT very handy as my baby sister could do this hook up.. who did you say was the Pompous ### ? So what are you drinking your water thru now ? My god you purchase the product and because you couldn't get someone cheap enough to do a simple install you screw the company who sold you the filter system like that's there fault ? Who do you call when you need a light bulb replaced ?

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      Dec 24, 2012
    Equinox Products - scam
    equinox products
    United States

    I ordered what I thought was a "free" sample from this company... I only had to pay for shipping. Two weeks later I was charged $99 from my account. When I ordered my "free" sample I did not see anything that said my account would be charged $99. TOTAL SCAM!!!

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      Jul 02, 2013

    I have had my System for about five years now and have been very pleased. The purchase and delivery went very smoothly...and every time I order Filters, I get them in a short amount of time. My plumber, I believe, charged around 125.00 for the install and they were here less than an hour.

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      Nov 01, 2013

    It's an awful shame and even embarrassing that you would toss aside clean healthy water because you couldn't find anyone who can screw in a light bulb, because that's how simple that filter connection is to do. have you NO marketable skills or should I say practical life skill's or worse that you don't know anyone else who does . A brother uncle friend of a friend ? Hey when you really honestly have got to do something and you are all you have trust me you learn fast how to make things happen . Learn to become more self reliant more useful less dependent on everyone else to live your life and really stroke your ego. trust in yourself and get the job done.

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      Mar 30, 2014

    Vitasalus has no supervisor. There is no finance department. There is just 2 guys. And one guy believes he can get away with lying at any time - Robert Cloutier. The other guy, Nick, is forced by Robert to lie at times, but he would rather not.

    You cannot trust this company. Robert Cloutier started Vitasalus by buying out the old, expired inventory of consumable health products from another company and reselling it by outright lying about the health benefits. He got caught even though the FDA warned them, and his brother left the company. He was then required to pay a fine but it was nothing compared to sales from lying. Vitasalus continues, to this day (2014) to sell that inventory which is over a decade past its expiration date.

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      Aug 25, 2014

    Common sense says if you are going to make a substantial purchase that needs installation in your house, you make arrangements with a local professional plumber who may need to prescribe a pre-filtration system to keep from plugging up the system with sludge, silt and minerals. Had Kim done some homework, he would have saved himself a lot of trouble and may not have had to deal with pompous ###! Nor they dealing with a naive customer.

    By the way, I took a sample of 2.5- 2.7 ppm chlorinated water that 20 minutes before had been through the 10, 000 gallon ($200) filter to my water department and watched the Spectronic 20 spectrophotometer as they set the zero and 100% calibration for Chlorine, then watched as the sample was run and the needle on the mirrored scale rested just above zero which meant only trace chlorine. It was funny that both techs almost collided their heads as they watched the needle fall.

    Top management (Gouldd) was the cause of the company's collapse as Equinox. His bully tactics and greed was exemplified in his refusal in seminars to give refunds left many members to make their own refund rules. Gouldd and his brother Gould are gone, but good products still remain. Don't know about Cloutier at all. But I can say the Stain Remover removed most of grease stains in a house that nothing else touched in a carpeted first floor that included a bedroom, living room and kitchen (YES Kitchen!) with its 4 foot diameter dark stain just below the oven/broiler (try that with other non-toxic cleaners). Then the Liquid Mineral Complex boosted my energy allowing me to gut the grass in my 100'X 70' yard in a mere 19 minutes. Respiratory Support turned a deep chest congestion into easy breathing before I could drive half the 35 turnpike miles to work. These are just highlights as I placed an order!

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      Sep 01, 2014

    I have purchased this system and replacement tanks. I rate them an A++++ as I do on eBay when the transaction and product are exactly what the seller states.

    I am very satisfied with this product and I love knowing that the water we drink and shower/bath in is free of contaminants

    You can't hold them responsible for you plumbing service ripoff...

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      Oct 10, 2014

    Regardless of the merits of the reason for the return, the fact is the company offers a guarantee and they should honor it. Clearly, they do not. I have come here in my own attempt to understand more about this company as I wish to purchase a whole house water filtration system. Since Mr Cloutier is still the president and since it is his name I see on earlier letters, I have been convinced to look elsewhere. Strange thing is I was ready to buy but wanted to talk to "one of their water experts" only I didn't get a call back. That extra time has paid off. I find it interesting that the BBB is giving them an A+ rating as their are obvious cases dating back to the time they were under the name of Equinox Products. If you're a consumer as I am, I would strongly recommend you think long and hard before doing business with this company.

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      Jul 24, 2016

    I purchased the v500 and the floridemaster. I installed it with a bypass all made out of copper. So far it is AWESOME. I spent $100 for the copper and full port ball valves for the bypass and the map gas. the only thing you need to know if you install this yourself is this. Wrap teflon tape around pvc threads 5 times AND use teflon paste over it. No leaks. This guy doesn't deserve clean water. what a d bag.

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      Aug 21, 2019

    Dealing with them for almost 3 months to get my filters, and after several phone calls to check on my order, I finally gave up. First they blamed the 7 week delay on Watts Premiere, where they supposedly get their filters from, then they said some where in shipping a mistake was made. I have now paid for more than I received, but I gave up, as I had no more patience to deal with them. Steve, Robert, and Misty were all pleasant enough and always apologetic, but the only one who seemed to know anything was Misty, who apologized over and over. Finally, I will never deal with them again, there are others who sell these filters without any of the problems I encountered with Vitasalus. Good riddens!

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      Nov 08, 2019

    I have had this system for about 6 years in my own hoe. It has worked fantastic. I am a plumbing contractor and I do a lot of water treatment. I like this system and recommend it to my customers. It sounds to me like the original poster (complaint) was too cheap to have a plumbing contractor come in and properly install this unit. Not sure why Vitasalus is responsible for this as they are just the manufacturer. It's a pretty straight forward install in most cases.
    Mark Klapp
    AM Plumbing LLC

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