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I purchased a "free" bottle of pills that was show to help aging. The information that explained that I had to send back the bottle within 15 days was buried in the small "links" at the bottom of the page. My credit card was acceesed for $79.95 plus an additional $2.00 international charge. My bank said that I have to return the product so they can process a claim. I can't find an address to send it to.

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      Jul 09, 2009

    I also am having trouble with these guys. I am in Canada. After ordering the "Free Trial" bottle and paying for shipping, I received an e mail stating the product had been shipped. 3 days later They processed a $79.95 charge. A week and a half later they sent me another e mail in which they apologized because my shipment had been turned back at Canadian customs. They said they would reship using a different shipper. They then processed another $79.95 charge. In other words they charged me twice while acknowledging they knew I had yet to receive the product. By the way, in each e mail they invited me to e mail back if I had questions or concerns. When I tried to do so my notes bounced back saying their e mail addresses had been disabled. I finally received the product and sent a cancellation via the "Contact us" e mail on their web site. I received another email with an apology and a promise to refund all charges to my credit card. Instead they have processed another charge and I am still waiting for a refund.

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