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VIT*Acai Advanced / Charged for something I didn't order

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VIT*Acai Advanced
We ordered a "free" sample of Acai Berry Diet supplement. We received the supplement and our account was charged $64.95 and we ddn't receive anything in return. We called the company using the phone number and were told we didn't read the small print. There was no small print to read. We ordered the "free" sample and paid for the shipping and handling and there was no authorization code and no other information. The only thing that came up was a 'Thank you for your order" page. I am not sure what legal action we can take, but hopefully we can figure something out. We will never order anything online again as it seems 99% of the companies out there that use the internet for business are unethical crooks. Hopefully we can figure out a way to get our money back or to at least cancel this from happening again. If anyone knows how, please let us know.


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N  17th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Money was take out of my Checking account WITHOUT my authorizing it
N  18th of Jul, 2009 by 
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VIT*Acai Advanced - CHARGED $64.95 ON MY BANK
United States

I order the FREE trial offer for 5.95. After getting it, I was advised by my cancer doctor not to use this. I returned immediatel on July 6 well within the 15 day period along with their brochure stating that no charges would be incurred. Now on 7/18 there is a charge on my bank for $64.95. I would like for a credit to be issued for this amount since I do not have the ACAI at all.
N  18th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I am so unhappy that I fell for this scam. I am usually very careful about these things, but I really feel the advertising community and the BBB should stop these out right lies that ACAI and Cleanse Colon and I really don't know how many more are making false claims and taking advantage of people.

I would really be please if you can get my money refunded. Paying for cancer medication in addition to other medications, this is a big hit on my bank account.

Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.
A  18th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I think my complaint is clear enough and I hope you can help get my money refunded.
A  23rd of Jul, 2009 by 
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I agree 100%! This company is a fraud! They did the same thing to me! I was charged today $74.95 and they stated I signed up for a 14 day trial. I never signed up for a 14-day trial. Who would pay $74.00 for vitamins?! Not me! I was told I cannot get refunded until they receive their products back. I am going to report them to the BBB and whoever else will listen. I had a difficult time finding their telephone number here it is for anyone else going through this aweful ordeal 888-247-5160!
A  2nd of Aug, 2009 by 
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I ordered the free bottle of Acai for the $5.95 shipping fee. I didn't order anything else. On 7-20 & 7-22-09 my credit card was charged $64.95 & $24.95. This is highly illegal. I can't afford anymore false charges on my card. I'm a senior trying to make ends meet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The BBB should be notifed also.
Marcia Twitchel
A  10th of Aug, 2009 by 
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This company is using very deceptive practices they sent me a 30-day supply and per the instructions I was to cancel within 14 days of trials inorder to not be charged a whoppin' recurring charge of 79.95/mo this is rediculous. I will try to cancel and disput with AMEX but I think I'm stuck out on this charge. How horrible, the online ad said you get free trial for cost of shipping which I believed was $3.95. I'm usually not a sucker for schemes like this. How awefully expensive. I did try the product faithfully, 3X ea day plus I weight train 2x ea week, Do aerobics 3-4x ea week and it didn't help me any as far as burning fat any faster then I normally do.
Needless to say I did intend to use the product the full 30 days even though I hadn't seen any results. I will say however, I did see a decrease in appetite the first week, however I also did the 48 hour cleans they offered for $19.99.
N  4th of Dec, 2009 by 
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VIT*Acai Advanced - Legalized fraud
Acai Advanced
United States

this is legalized fraud. It could not be done without the use of a credit card. And the Credit card company will not protect you against the charges. Mine was Citi-card. they say these charges are legal because you clicked agreement on some fine print that was very cleverly written. EG., "enjoy your pills and if you are satisfied you do not have to do anything." Well you cant do a trial without reciving them, and a trial usually begins when you receive them. But the lawyers havae figured out a way ' by using a credit card that they can bill probably tens of thousands of people $64.99 per month for nothing. I didn't even get the pills. There are more and more of these gimicks occuring. they usually trick the elderly-probably because they are more trusting and can't read the fine print. Another good reason to severly limit your use of a credit card. Of course they abet this scam because they are making money off it also.

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