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On December 4, 2016 my son went with me to purchase a used Chrysler Sebring Convertible. After negotiations on the price, we agreed on $6350.00. My son signed the agreement and had to leave for business. I stayed to sign the paperwork. All of a sudden all the numbers changed and the deal became $9254.05 after putting down $1500.00, the total cost of the car was $7754.05, not the agreed price of $6350.00. They also told me that they could not get me a better bank rate than 6.5%, when I told them no thanks that was way too high and that I would go elsewhere, all of a sudden they somehow found a much better rate than 4.0. After numerous phone calls and emails to the manager John Tyburski we never received a return call or email. By the way, all the original paperwork that was signed with the 6350.00 amount disappeared or was thrown out. The following was the last of 7 emails that my son wrote to John Tyburski and to this day we never got a response. Never buy a car from these lying thieves. They should be shut down and put in jail.

Just so you know, by not returning any of my emails or calls it leads me to believe you have very little skill in customer satisfaction. Your dealership took advantage of my 67 year old mother after I left and I am livid over that.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Pompano Beach, FL This could have been resolved by a stupid $600 or $700 hundred dollar credit and we would have been happy, even though it is still fraud since we only agreed on $6, 350 I know that for a fact! This was a clear case of adjusting numbers on a disadvantaged woman after her son left the dealership. They should be ashamed of themselves because she had no idea what was going on and I should have stayed because this wouldn't have happened!!!

You can expect 100%, no 1000% I will go to Vista corporate and forward every email chain between us since I've stored them all and clearly you haven't responded to the last 5 which is ridiculous in your position. In addition to that I will reach out to my attorney and see what type of case we may or may not have regarding the gauging. Since you guys probably threw away the original hand signed documents I am not sure where I stand?

One last thing, I own 2 companies generating millions of dollars and also have over 1, 000 clients nationally. There isn't 2 days that go by I don't have to help a client out in some way or another and I answer every call and every single email immediately up until 11 at night 7 days a week, that's why I am so successful. By you not even having the courtesy to return an email (which is way less invasive than a phone call) I am not sure how you can even operate day to day? This is a disgusting experience and I will never recommend this dealership to anyone ever in a million years!

Jan 23, 2017

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