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Vista BMW - Pompano Beach BMW Dealer / These people are rude, lying and have zero respect for customers!

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Vista BMW of Pompano Beach

These people are rude, lying and have zero respect for customers.

My car was left there on 18th of august for a rear end repair, Victor my advisor said it will take 4 to 5 days with the insurance sup evaluation. I called back to Vista on the 22nd of August and they said the car was all done and they faxed the claim to the insurance company and that they were waiting for the reply. I went up to Vista BMW and saw my car for my self it was in pieces. I called the insurance company and spoke with the Sup advisor and he explained to me he did have fax quotes from Vista and that mine was not one of them. I them called back to vista and told them to re-fax the sup to the insurance company, that was Friday the 24th of August. On Monday the 27 of August I called the insurance company once again to see if they got the sup documentation and they again said they did not. The Sup advisor they 3 way called Vista and confronted the collision advisor who now realizing he was now caught I his lie still claimed he faxed it over a few minutes ago. The Sup advisor then asked the collision advisor to refax it but all of sudden the collision advisor did not have the paper work there anymore "now it was in the car 15 mins away". The sup advisor asked if he could go and get it and fax it over, the collision advisor then said it would take him 10 min or so to go and get it and if he could call us back. The sup advisor from the insurance company said "no we can hold on line till you get it " we were put on hold an less that a second later the collision advisor comes back stating he meet the mechanic half way. Funny but he never called him to meet half way. The collision advisor said it was tested and needs a seat belt pretensioner and the SRS light to be cleared. The collision advisor asked for it to be faxed over and that he will call me once he gets it. 5 min later I received a call stating that it was faxed in but the quote was way out of wack with what the collision advisor said he needed, the quote and extra $1400. The quote was approved for $643 and then I heard nothing from Vista. On the 31 st I went to Vista after being told the set belt was not the issue ( how can you diagnose a problem with out hooking it to the computer?) Now it was the seat system it self and a new pad had to be ordered. Zero Respect for customers and Rude.

I called the service desk to see if my car was done now after 2 and a half weeks they lady who would not give her name answered like it was he cell phone, proceeded to act like I was interrupting her life with my questions and they after I told her this part for the seat is not a high ordered part and the delivery time should not take to long she then laughed at me jokingly stating "how would I know this do you work here" I explained to her that I am a trained BMW tech and know what parts will take me how long to get from experience. She then with her piss off attitude rudely exhaled and put me on hold. A few second later said the service advisor will call you back then all I heard was a phone slam in my ear.

I don't understand how this dealer can still be in the BMW line at all. This is the first time I have written my complaint about them most of the time I swallow it and move on. I think I have had enough with Vista BMW and if BMW does not fix them I will and my family will not buy another BMW again.

I'm not a first time buyer E36 M3, 325IS, E46 325I, E90 325I, 2008 M3 WHICH MY WIFE NOW WANTS ME TO CHANGE TO AUDI WHERE THEY TREAT CUSTOMERS RIGHT

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  • Ja
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    This place and their coconut creek establishment are terrible. The way the management operates is horrible. They are so hung up on the fact its a BMW, that they refuse to negotiate a fair deal. I spent an hour arguing with them that the interest rate they were charging me was over 17% in a lease deal, while their "finance" person claimed ignorance on what a money factor was, or that my math was correct. What a bunch of liars!!!

    They lost my business. I drove over to Champion Motors, and they did a fantastic job working with me, I drove away in my new car within 2 hours... highly recommended place....

    When will dealers learn, customers can be bullied into bad deals. We're smarter now, we use the internet, we know more than you!

  • Je
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    It has been two weeks since I spoke to Luis Soto in the security department to let you know that we had found illegal drugs in the loner car you had given us when my car was in your service department. I have left several phone messages with no phone call returned to me. At this point if I do not receive a phone call with an acceptable solution by 3/10/08 you will leave me no choice but to hire and attorney and contact all of the news stations until they air this story. Please be advised that the fact that me or my wife were not stopped and arrested for the drugs is not the point, the fact that my wife has not slept a full night since this had happened, and now I have a $90,000 car that is sitting in my driveway completely filthy as your company had returned it to us with some scratches on the passenger side as well. Please make no mistake this matter will not go under the carpet.

    Thank you,

    Gerald Ellis

    P.S. I have attached the photos of the car and photos of the illegal narcotics. I also have filed a police report

  • Mr
      14th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Mr. Ellis,

    What a pathetic person you are, You actually think the dealer had something to do with the drugs. How about the person in front of you that used the car, is more than likely the culprit. Is your life so boring that you need to do this to somehow put meaning in your life. Why don't YOU do the right thing and go to the police and let them do their job and stop trying to extort whatever it is you are looking for from this dealership. Isn't it funny how you can leave a car at a dealership for 1 day and mysteriously that is the ONLY day that scratches could occur. NEVER when you would have driven it, because you ALWAYS go around to the passengers side EVERYTIME you took the car ANYWHERE while YOU owned the vehicle. I just hope by reading this you actually see how stupid your letter looks


  • Lo
      4th of May, 2009
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    I Have been waiting for my tire policy to be removed for 4 months. When I purchased the car I was told that the tires were covered if there was a nail in the tire I would get a new one. After taking it in for service I was told it depends on the tread left ion the tire. and it has to be done by a third party. I bought the car from vista and nothing was mentioned about a trird party. It is a scam. Do not sign that dotted line. Buyers Beware.

  • Ih
      4th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    I know this is years old but MR is right here. So you found illegal drugs that someone else that had a loaner car left behind. Big Deal, just flush them and be done with it. If they are rude and full of customer no-service why did you not go 20 minutes south to Lauderdale BMW?
    Nail in tire, if the tire is a 20k tire and you get a nail at 15k, and replacing it would give you technically 35k miles on a tire purchase.
    Nail in tire when new(er) makes sense to replace it.

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