Visions Electronics / 60' tv with outdoor case for business

Grand Prairie, CA
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Spent $6000.00 plus to Vision Grand Prairie, we bought 3 55' LG 4K TV and 1 60' SHARP 4K TV, outdoor tv shield for 60' tv and 4 brackets. Told Manny( sales asociate) about my plan-- we're putting a new resto business at Grimshaw, Alberta and I need 3 tvs inside signage and 1 outdoor signage

My 1st issue was when following up that outdoor tv shield. 1st try no luck said that Manny was busy leave my number to call me back. Waited the whole day till 8pm but didn't hear anything from them. 2nd try hold for 30 mins.

2nd issue was about the brackets, paid it 100 each but that time princess auto selling a bracket for only 75 full motion and mine was full tilt only. My business co owner went there to pickup tv shield and explained about the brackets, lots of arguments but in the end it was settled. They said they will sending a cheque to me w/c I didn't receive till now.

3rd issue was the outdoor tv shield, fan wasn't work and the picture was too dark outdoor signage. Tried all settings, adjusted brightness to max but still the same. Don't know if its the tv or the TV shield

I'm really frustrasted on my experience and my expectation about results of my outdoor signage. I relied on their advised that it will good on outdoor. It's not an easy installation to remove and send it back to the store( 8' from the floor).
Please help me with this issue, I'll send you my receipt if you request it

Mar 18, 2017

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