Vision Investing GroupTerrible company

In March, 2007 I paid Vision Investing Group 15, 350$ for for their trade education program. Within a couple weeks I had a serious accident. I suffered from multiple concussions over the space of a week as a result.

I suffered from memory loss, physical injury. I could not then or now retain things I was/am learning. Each day was/is a struggle. At one point it took me 3 days of memory work to remember my Mother's sister's name. She was with me for 3 days while my Mother died. She is a very special person to me making my forgetting her name unbelievable!! I contacted them immediately and explained my plight. My words and pleas for a refund have fallen on deaf ears. This is a heartless dishonest company.

I contacted the BBB of Utah who have been trying to secure a refund on my behalf---so far unsuccessfully. Vision Investing claim they offered me 7500$ December 19, 2007. This is not so. The BBB has a record of this offer, but I never received it. They have told the BBB that because I rejected this offer by non response they have withdrawn it. I believe they have never intended to honor any deal struck with me through the BBB of Utah.

This is an extremely fraudulent company. I believe they are just money grabbers---offering little in return. I still owe the bank this money and more as I have not been able to work consistently since my accident. As I am sinking in debt they are making money with my money.

I warn everyone reading this to avoid this company and spread the word about them with your fellow traders.

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