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Only my husband is on our flight to MY medical meeting in Toronto because despite our having paid the highest fee and requesting that their expedited service (same day), they only expedited HIS application! I contacted the company via its webpage immediately after we submitted our applications to Fed Ex Overnight to bring our applications to their attention and affirm that we wanted their most expedited service; I requested that they call me if we had not paid the correct fee, although I paid the highest fee specified on their web page and received a confirmation that the charge had been applied to me credit card. We also contacted them by phone first thing in the morning to be sure they knew we needed same day service. We were told that we had NOT requested this (???), but that the status was being changed on our applications; both application numbers were provided. My husband's visa came on time; mine has STILL NOT EVEN BEEN RECEIVED BY THE US STATE DEPARTMENT! After calling the State Dept. this AM after no response from Visa Express and finding this out, I called VE back and was told that they would email the State Dept. This afternoon I checked again after taking my HUSBAND to the airport, and the State Dept. STILL doesn't have my application. VE did not contact the State Dept.. and will not agree to do so. I am heart-broken as I was going to see my daughter who lives in a distant city at the meeting, as well as having spent thousands of dollars in hotel, flight (the original and a second one for tomorrow, which I will not be able to take), and meeting fees, and will not be able to get the continuing medical education credits I need for continuing M.D. licensure.
Please be aware that Visa Express can advertise same day service, you can select that option and pay for it, contact them via their web page, email, and phone, and they apparently still do not have do to anything with your application. They do, however, keep your money.

May 15, 2015

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